Wednesday Replay: June 10th, 2020

HOW is it June 10th? June 10th 2019, I can understand, but 2020? This entire year has been a time warp. Time slowing down, time speeding we ponder the space-time continuum (I don't know what this means), please enjoy a few posts from years past. 

vanilla bean frozen custard from @bakeat350
So creamy, so luscious. I'm gonna make this again ASAP.

These start with a boxed brownie mix. I won't tell if you won't. 

Cherry Sheet Cake ... a quick and easy weeknight cake, studded with cherries.
It's cherry season!!! Make it! Make it! 

brush embroidery cookie tutorial ::: bake at 350 blog
This is still one of my favorite techniques! It's great for flowers, but also for borders, stripes, etc. 

Happy baking, friends!
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