One Smart Cookie Graduation Girl Cookies

It's become a tradition around here that we make and give graduation cookies to the valedictorian of the high school Jack attended. This year, we couldn't attend the graduation, but we dropped off the cookies this morning to one very smart cookie! :) 

Similar to last year, I made "smart cookies" as chocolate chip cookies wearing graduation caps and glasses. I used Sweet Sugarbelle's eyeglass template again, just with a different shape. And, I added eyelashes. Oooh, I love some eyelashes! 

You can find the full step-by-step tutorial for making these on last year's post. It includes how to piece together the graduation cookie shape, colors and tools used, and the process. The only changes were the shape of the glasses, as mentioned above, and the mouth and cheeks. I used my go-to, tried-and-true cut-out cookie and royal icing recipes

Here's the cookie decorating hack for the lettering! No projector needed! 

Congratulations, Anna Claire! ♥ We're so happy for you!

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