Wednesday Replay: July 29, 2020

This week's look back in the archives is a little eclectic. It involves cream cheese, cookies, pie...and homemade ice packs. Let's go!

From 2018, Vanilla Bean Cream Cheese
vanilla bean cream cheese spread or schmear for bagels
You really, really don't want to have another bagel without it. (OK...maybe stick with plain for your everything bagel.)

From 2011, Mon Cheri Decorated Cookies

So simple, so sweet. This post includes the tutorial for making them plus links to the recipes.

From 2017, Homemade Ice Packs
corn syrup ice packs
This post is a little nutty, but when Jack and I had our wisdom teeth removed, we used homemade ice packs in our recovery. These ice packs feel SO good...they're squishy and malleable. We have a few packs made and tucked away in the freezer in case of emergency.

From 2009, Texas Peach Pie
peach pie baked
Oh, do I ever need to update these photos! Don't let them deter you...this pie is PERFECT, especially when the summer peaches are at their best.

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