How to Ship Decorated Cookies - Tried and True Tips for Mailing Cookies

how to mail decorated cookies

I've been shipping cookies for, oh, 20 years now? Some years I mail cookies more than others...but shipping cookies is kind of my jam now. Let me share all of my tips and tricks for packaging, boxing, and even which service to use. 

What's the best service for shipping cookies? 

For mailing cookies, I always use UPS. Their tracking system is superior, they give a specific arrival date (as opposed to USPS's "three-day delivery" estimate), and...this seems silly, but...the parking lots are a lot less congested and crazy. We have a "post office parking lot incident" in our family, and well, the place makes me anxious. Still, though, I shipped UPS before the INCIDENT. 

how to mail and ship decorated cookies

Supplies for shipping decorated cookies

  • poly treat bags (I buy in bulk from Uline)
  • ribbon or heat sealer
  • roll of foam sheets
  • document/literature boxes (approx. 11 x 8.5 x 2")
  • shipping box 
  • packing peanuts
  • packing tape

How to ship decorated cookies

First, use the UPS Estimated Time and Cost feature to check how many days your cookies will be in transit. I choose ground shipping 99% of the time. I never want my cookies in transit over a weekend, so seeing how many days ground shipping takes informs me on what day I'll ship. 

Package cookies in individual treat bags. If shipping mini cookies and you want several in one bag, just make sure to lay them flat, not in a jumble. Tie with ribbon or use a heat sealer

how to mail decorated cookies

I use sturdy document or literature boxes for the interior boxes. They typically come flat and fold together easily. A size like 11 x 8.5 x 2" or 12 x 9 x 3" works beautifully. Find them at Uline or a local shipping store. These sturdy boxes keep cookies from getting crushed.

lining a box with foam sheet for packaging cookies

Line the box with a sheet of foam. You'll probably have to trim the foam to fit.

how to mail decorated cookies

Lay the cookies in a single layer on the bottom. Here I've added 3 large cookies, and I'll tuck the smaller ones in, still laying flat, in the empty spaces. 

how to package decorated cookies for shipping

Cover with a sheet of foam.

how to package decorated cookies for shipping

Repeat one time. 

how to package decorated cookies for shipping

Cover with a final top sheet of foam. 

how to package decorated cookies for shipping

Close the box and secure with a piece of packing tape, so it doesn't pop open in shipping. 

how to mail decorated cookies

You can tie a ribbon or baker's twine, or add stickers...whatever strikes your fancy! No need to go crazy with the wrapping - the cookies are the star of the show.

how to mail decorated cookies

Now, put together your shipping box. I like the 14 x 14 x 10" size. It'll fit 2-3 of the literature boxes inside with plenty of room for packing material. 

how to ship decorated cookies

Pour in packing peanuts to cover the bottom of the box. 

how to ship decorated cookies

Place cookie boxes inside. Don't put peanuts between the white boxes. Stack them.

how to ship decorated cookies

Cover with packing peanuts, making sure that the peanuts go around the sides of the cookie boxes. 

Seal and ship! Track obsessively! 



  1. You have a great way of packaging. I ship with USPS click and ship now. I have mailed many cookies to my son when he was in the Marines. I freeze the cookies and then put them on either side of a piece of cardboard, cereal boxes work for this. The cardboard is enclosed within a ziploc bag, so you have something to store them in when you open the vacuum sealed package. I always imagined my son cutting open the bag with a kbar knife. Freezing the cookies keep them from being squished with the vacuum sealer.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed reading your blog. It was so informative, Keep it up.


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