Sweet on Trader Joe's: Non-Dairy Mint & Chip Bon Bons

Trader Joe's: Dairy Free Mint & Chip Bon Bons review

On this last weekend before Christmas, we're reviewing one more TJ's holiday offering: Non-Dairy Mint & Chip Bon Bons. I'm currently in the middle of making (and eating) cookies and treats for neighbors and friends, but sometimes you need a palate cleanser, right? 

Trader Joe's Dairy Free Mint & Chip Bon Bons review

The bon bons are a frozen coconut milk-based treat. They come 8 to a box...and I can't tell you the price because I cannot find my receipt. (I can't blame that on 2020, can I?) The interior box keeps them intact and pristine. Aren't they pretty? 

Trader Joe's Dairy Free Mint & Chip Bon Bons review

One thing I love about Trader Joe's is that sometimes on the back of the box, the nutrition info for the ENTIRE BOX (not just a serving size) is listed. This makes me so happy for some reason. 

Trader Joe's Dairy Free Mint & Chip Bon Bons review

Let's review Trader Joe's Non-Dairy Mint & Chip Bon Bons:

She said: These bon bons are the perfect size - just small enough, so you don't feel stuffed, but large enough to feel satisfied. I love the smooth and shiny chocolate coating; it has a great snap when you bite into one. The "ice cream" is minty and refreshing. Creamy for a frozen dairy-free frozen treat with a mint chocolate flavor similar to a frozen York Peppermint Pattie...but not quite as bracingly minty. I didn't not, however, get any chips in mine. I feel deprived. And like I need another. 

Overall rating: 4 of 5 stars

He (Jack) said: These are great! The coconut milk base brings with it a lightness and freshness that you might miss with traditional ice cream, making you feel slightly less bad about eating more than one...the chocolate layer is surprisingly robust and milky too, leaving a good bit of it to melt in your mouth at the end. Awesome!

Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars 

Trader Joe's Dairy Free Mint & Chip Bon Bons: Grab a box or three while you can! 

Trader Joe's Dairy Free Mint & Chip Bon Bons review

[note: We have no affiliation with Trader Joe's. I'm sure they have never read this blog and have no idea who we are. Hey, we like being incognito, although we never wear sunglasses indoors. ;)]

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