Crockpot Chicken Tacos

how to make crockpot chicken tacos

Flavorful and tender, these crockpot chicken tacos are topped with pickled red onions for a bright zippiness. Whether you call it a crockpot or a slow cooker, you'll want this recipe for an easy Taco Night! 

Don't tell the tacos, but this chicken is also perfect for bowls, burritos, and nachos! 

how to make crockpot chicken tacos

*the recipe was created for my friends at Imperial Sugar

We live in Texas and are therefore contractually obligated to eat tacos on a regular basis. We do not complain. These tacos are now in our regular taco rotation. And almost nothing makes me happier than knowing I have leftover chicken taco meat for lunch the following day! 

Key ingredients for slow cooker chicken tacos

chipotles in adobo

1. Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce

chipotles in adobo

Oh baby, do these ever pack a flavorful punch! You'll just need the small can here.

2. Beer

shiner beer for slow cooker tacos

Use any beer you have on hand. Ok, maybe not the Peanut Butter Cup Porter that you got for Christmas, but virtually any "regular" beer will work. I love Shiner because A. it tastes great, B. we usually have it in the fridge, and C. it's made in Texas. 

3. Brown Sugar

how to make crockpot chicken tacos

No worries, adding a bit of brown sugar doesn't make these tacos sweet, it just serves to nicely balance the chiles and chili powder. You know how salt is great in desserts? Same concept. Of course, I use my tried and true Imperial Sugar Light Brown Sugar.

It's easy to make pickled red onions.

how to make pickled red onions for tacos

Don't be afraid to make pickled onions. You don't have to sterilize jars or can them. Making pickled onions are practically as simple as boiling water - except you're boiling vinegar.

how to make pickled red onions for tacos

Slice the onions thin, plop them in the hot pickling liquid. Boom! Pickled onions. They add zip and tang that really make the tacos sing! Oh, and you'll have lots leftover. Pro tip: try them on a hard-boiled egg. LIFE CHANGING. 

How to make crockpot chicken tacos

Cut chicken breasts crosswise into 3 pieces each. I find they cook more evenly this way. Place in the crockpot.

crockpot chicken tacos

Stir the brown sugar with the spices. Sprinkle on top of the chicken along with the chipotle peppers and garlic. 

how to make crockpot chicken tacos

Add beer. (You won't use the entire can, so cheers!) 

how to make crockpot chicken tacos

Cook for about 4 hours until the chicken shreds easily. At this point, the chicken is ready for taco-filling, or it can sit in the slow cooker on WARM until you are ready! Magic!

how to make slow cooker chicken tacos

Fill warm tortillas with the chicken. Top with pickled red onions, queso fresco, cilantro, and avocado. If you're into those things. I am. If you're not, add your favorite toppings. 

how to make crockpot chicken tacos

Guys, I'm sharing the recipe for these over on Imperial Sugar today. Be sure to grab it and make it for your next Taco Night! 

Happy Taco-ing! 

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