Wednesday Replay: 5 Quick Bread Recipes

What is it about a quick bread? Is it that it's totally appropriate for breakfast, a snack, or dessert? Is it that it's quick...and, um, bread? This week's look into the blog archives features some of my very favorite quick bread recipes. Let's go! 

5 Quick Bread Recipes

From 2020, Chocolate Banana Date Bread

chocolate banana date bread

This is luscious. So soft, so chocolatey. So...put it on your must-make list! 

From 2016, Lemon Coconut Quick Bread

lemon coconut quick bread

I always crave lemon in January. That bright tart flavor cuts through the (Houston) winter chill. The combination of lemon and coconut is magic. 

From 2017, Bourbon Banana Bread

bourbon banana bread

I mean, what else is there to say? 

From 2015, Ginger Carrot Bread

carrot ginger quick bread

Trust me on this one; you'll want to eat all of your carrots in this form from now on. That kick of spicy ginger makes this bread an exceptional one! 

From 2014, Raspberry Poppy Seed Bread

raspberry poppy seed bread

Crunchy little poppy seeds, the pop of sweet and tart from the raspberries - this bread is irresistible!

What's your favorite quick bread?

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