Cookies for House of Colour Houston

Decorated cookies for House of Colour Houston

I love color. Always have. While I can appreciate a neutral aesthetic, gimme all the golden yellows, earthy greens, deep blues, shocking pinks, soft lilacs, fiery reds, and sunset oranges! Those and every color in between. 

My mom was a huge lover of color. The house we grew up in had green countertops. As in, vivid LEAF GREEN. In our living room was a yellow floral couch. Not a pale, delicate, dainty floral, but a bright yellow couch with big bunches of flowers - purple irises stand out in my memory. Anyway, a love of color flows through my veins - and my heart.

While I don't take cookie orders (I generally make cookies just for fun), every so often, there's an event that compels me to break out the piping bags. 

Color makes me HAPPY cookies - for House of Colour Houston

More about House of Colour Houston...

About two years ago, I found Laura from House of Colour Houston. There are many consultants across the world actually - House of Colour is a UK-based company. I wrote all about my experience in this post. You'll find more details on the process there. Let's just say this isn't your mother's color consultation. I should know; I went with my mother to one back in the 1980s. 

House of Colour decorated cookies

A color and style consult with Laura from House of Colour is life-changing. Not to mention, she's one of my very favorite people. 

House of Colour Houston event at French Cuff Boutique

*photo credit: French Cuff Boutique 

Last week, pre-Texas frozen tundra, Laura had a little event for her color and style clients. I had so much fun chatting with and getting to know these other women, all decked out in their colors (even masks!) And then there was the shopping! Since I've had both a color and style session, Laura was able to look at what I was trying on and say, "Nope. Too blousy for you!" "Try that in a smaller size." "This color is perfect!" 

I wonder if Laura will come with me every time I shop? Maybe if I promise to bring cookies?

House of Colour decorated cookies
House of Colour decorated cookies

Seasonal color palettes

For the cookies, I wanted to represent the four seasons - spring, summer, fall, and winter. (I blame James Taylor for making me always wanting to say winter before fall.) When you get your colors done, you'll find your WOW colors within that season and what your sub-season is. As an autumn, people assume my best colors are rust and orange. WRONG! While those are in my palette, some of my best colors are teal, peacock, olive, and mustard.

House of Colour decorated cookies - seasonal color palette cookies

Can you see guess which hearts are which season? (Hint: they're in order, starting with spring.) 

  • Spring: Leaf Green and Coral
  • Summer: Dusty Rose and Lavender
  • Autumn: Mustard and Peacock (Ameriolor actually makes a PEACOCK food coloring!)
  • Winter: White and Bright Pink
House of Colour Houston cookies

Recipes for making the cookies...

  • Perfect Every Time Cut-Out Cookies: this recipe is my go-to cut-out cookie recipe. It's a vanilla-almond cookie that's soft but still substantial enough to hold up to decorating, packaging, and shipping.
  • Royal Icing: my no-fail royal icing recipe. It's perfect whether you're piping, flooding, making flowers, or doing food coloring "watercolor"...see below.

Color Makes Me Happy watercolor cookies

"Color Makes Me Happy" is Laura's tagline. I feel like it could be mine, too. Maybe "Cookies Make Me Happy." I used a watercolor technique for these, and I'll do a separate tutorial for those. 

House of Colour decorated cookies

I have to mention a few other places you might want to check out:
  • Laura House of Colour Houston, Instagram and blog: Wear in Fashion History
  • French Cuff Boutique (where the event was held...I was so impressed with how helpful they were that night and when Mr. E when he went in to shop for Valentine's Day)
  • Glamfetti (Did you see those "seasonal" balloon bunches in the photo above???)

House of Colour decorated cookies

What is your favorite color? Mine is YELLOW, specifically that golden, vibrant mustard hue!

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