"I'm not a cat" Zoom Call Cookies

"I'm not a cat" Zoom Call Cookies

Sometimes, the cookies are purely for my own amusement. 

"I'm not a cat" Zoom Call Cookies

Have you seen the viral "I'm not a cat" Zoom call video? If not, here's an article and video of the viral call. Read it, watch it, come back. 

You know I love a weird cookie. Sally O'Malley cookies, Mushroom and Swiss Cookies. Yeah, I like a cookie that makes me laugh. 

"I'm not a cat" Zoom Call Cookies

I just had to make some cookies to commemorate this video which has given me the biggest laughs of 2021. Seriously, every time I watch it, I laugh out loud. Everything is perfect. The judge is so patient and calm, the other attorney is nonplussed, and the "cat" lawyer is so sincere and has pretty much the perfect Texas accent.

"I'm here live. I'm not a cat." Greatest line of 2021 so far. 

"I'm not a cat" Zoom Call Cookies, viral video cookies

The EYES! Ohmygosh! The kitten eyes! Y'all. I'm laughing again! So good. 

What you'll need to make "I'm not a Cat" Cookies

"I'm not a cat" Zoom Call Cookies

You'll need:

how to make "I'm not a cat" Zoom Call Cookies

Use a #2 tip to section off the rectangle into quadrants. Reserve some piping consistency black icing. 

Thin the remaining black icing with water, a bit at a time. Stir gently until a ribbon of icing dropped back into the bowl disappears in a count of one-thousand-one, one-thousand-two, one-thousand-three. Use more water, piping icing, or sifted powdered sugar to adjust the consistency. 

"I'm not a cat" Zoom Call Cookies

Cover with a damp dishtowel and let rest for a few minutes. Gently stir to pop large air bubbles and pour into a squeeze bottle. Fill in the top left section in black. Let dry for one hour.

"I'm not a cat" Zoom Call Cookies

Repeat the thinning technique with the white icing. Fill in the remaining quadrants. Let dry at least one hour. It's helpful to fill in the two spaces that aren't touching, give them about 30 minutes to start setting, then flood the third. 

how to make "I'm not a cat" Zoom Call Decorated Cookies

Use the remaining colors to outline and flood the men and the cat. You'll want to give the base of the forms at least an hour to dry before adding any details like hair or eyeballs. 

HINT: use the black food coloring to make grey. I used two shades of grey here; one for the attorney top right and a very, very pale grey for the kitten. 

Use piping consistency icing and #1 or #2 tips to add hair on the men and eyeballs, nose, mouth, and whiskers on the cat. Let the cookies dry uncovered 6-8 hours or overnight. 

"I'm not a cat" Zoom Call Cookies

Once completely dry, use a black food coloring pen to add details. I've been loving these dual-tipped food coloring pens from CakeCraft. It's perfect for small details.

"I'm not a cat" Zoom Call decorated cookie tutorial

And, you're done! Zoom Call Viral Video cookies for your own enjoyment...or for the Zoom call-cat lover in your life! 

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