Funfetti Cookie Parfaits

Funfetti Cookie Parfaits

Parfait is a dessert we don't eat nearly enough. It's just fun to say - parfait! I have very vivid memories of ordering frozen yogurt parfaits at TCBY in the 1980s. I know the idea was to layer the froyo with fruit and nuts. My parfaits were strictly combinations of chocolate yogurt and hot fudge. This is what they call being "on brand."

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What is a parfait?

Funfetti Cookie Parfaits

Parfait in French means "perfect." The dessert parfait originally was layers of fruit and syrup with ice cream, but today, you might see pudding, cream, or the aforementioned, frozen yogurt.

Today, we're making Funfetti COOKIE Parfaits! You'll make fluffy, buttery little sprinkle cookies (side note: these are so good on their own!) and layer them with vanilla cream pudding. 

funfetti vanilla cream pudding for cookie parfaits

how to make funfetti cookie parfaits

Love cookies? Crumble in more cookies! Love pudding? Dollop in thick layers of the vanilla cream pudding! Totally customizable. Just don't forget the sprinkles! Psst...these are actually jimmies. If you want the low-down on all things sprinkles, check out this post I wrote for The Pioneer Woman about sprinkles and decorative sugars.

how to make funfetti cookie parfaits

These parfaits are pretty for an Easter table, Mother's Day, or a fun interactive dessert for the kiddos! Who doesn't love to crumble cookies? 


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