Wednesday Replay: 8 Egg-cellent Cookies for Easter

In honor of Easter, this Wednesday Replay is Egg-centric. Not eccentric, but centered on eggs, egg-centric. 

8 Egg-cellent Cookies to make this Easter

Eight Egg-cellent Cookies for Easter

From 2013, Double-Decker Bunnies

double-decker bunny decorated cookies for Easter

I love these. The "chocolate" bunny, the giant speckled egg, the fact that it's a double-decker - all of it. 

From 2011, Mini Speckled Egg Cookie Toppers

mini speckled egg cookie cupcake toppers

So, maybe you want to make those speckled eggs but not the bunnies for the cookies above. Make these darling mini speckled eggs. They're fun to make, cute on their own, and so perfect as cupcake toppers! 

From 2013, Peanut Butter Egg-Stuffed Peanut Butter Cookies

Reese's Peanut Butter Egg-Stuffed Peanut Butter Cookies

Oh yeah, babe. This is the good stuff. (The good stuffed?) MAKE THESE! 

From 2019, Unicorn Easter Egg Cookies

unicorn easter egg cookies

Inspired by my niece Rosie, these unicorn egg cookies are sure to be a hit with the 12 and under crowd! 

From 2015, Watercolor Gold-Speckled Easter Egg Cookies

how to make watercolor easter egg cookies using "candy clay"

Oh my! Almost jewel-like, these eggs are so pretty. They're not decorated with royal icing but instead topped with a "candy clay." 

From 2017, Deviled Egg Cookies

Deviled egg cookies

deviled egg decorated cookies

Maybe not the most traditional of Easter cookies, but if deviled eggs are on your Easter brunch menu, why not deviled egg COOKIES?!?

From 2016, Beribboned Easter Egg Cookies

beribboned easter egg cookies

Cookies with ribbon as part of the decoration? Yes, please! 

From 2019, Cactus Easter Egg Cookies

cactus easter egg cookies

A departure from the typical Easter egg - cactus cookies are cute and super easy to make with the help of white sprinkles.

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