First Communion Cookies for Rosie

First Communion Cookies for a Girl

There are certain cookies I look forward to decorating every year - Christmas cookies, Halloween cookies, and First Communion Cookies. 

I've made them for Jack and Jack's class, for orders (back many, many moons ago when I took cookie orders), and for my nephews - see Mac, Tony, and Leo's First Communion cookies. When I started thinking about making cookies for my niece Rosie's big day, it occurred to me that I'd never made First Communion cookies specifically for a girl

First Communion Cookies for a Girl. Chalice, rosary, and hearts.

I went all-in on pink and roses. Roses for Rosie. Can you blame me? 

First Communion Cookies for a Girl

How to Make First Communion Cookies for a Girl

  • You'll want a great cut-out cookie. I used this vanilla bean cut-out cookie recipe.
  • A chalice cookie cutter is essential. It looks like the one I have has been discontinued, but I found a couple that are similar here and here
  • The other shapes are optional. You could use just about any shape for the rosary cookie - circle, square, oval. 
  • I used my no-fail royal icing recipe.
  • Food coloring used: Chefmaster Deep Pink, Bright White, Leaf Green, Americolor Gold and Soft Pink, and Cookie Countess Neon Pink.
  • Gold luster dust
  • Food-only paintbrush
  • Everclear or vodka for mixing the luster dust

First Communion Cookies for a Girl

I've previously posted the step-by-step tutorial for making the chalice and host cookies. Here are a few more tips...

First Communion Cookies for a Girl

The lace-trimmed heart cookies were made using this simple royal icing lace-detail technique.

How to apply luster dust for a metallic sheen

First Communion Cookies for a Girl, applying luster dust

This the chalice cookie pre-luster dust. When I'm using gold luster dust, I always use royal icing tinted "gold" or pale yellow. When using silver luster, I tint my icing grey. 

First Communion Cookies for a Girl, applying luster dust

Luster dust has to be applied once the icing is completely dried, and usually, I wait to apply any other piped icing until the luster dust is in place. I got ahead of myself this time and piped the flowers first. Oops! Never fear, I just used a small paintbrush to go around the flowers, then switched to a larger brush to apply the rest to the chalice.

First Communion Cookies for a Girl, applying luster dust to a chalice cookie

Here it is after the luster dust application. If you've never used luster dust, it's easy. Mix a tiny bit with Everclear or vodka until you have a consistency you can use to paint. Paint on a cookie that's dried overnight. The alcohol will evaporate, leaving the metallic sheen.

It's important to use a luster dust approved for consumption. I like this Crystal Colors Antique Gold.

How to Make First Communion Cookies for a Girl, rosary cookies

Here's another look at cookies with and without luster dust. Just the cross on the top cookie has been painted with luster dust. It's actually a pretty look either way, but the luster dust just adds that pop of gold. 

First Communion Cookies for a Girl

Happy First Communion, Rosie! We love you! 

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