We Started Another Blog! A First Peek at Sweet on Trader Joe's!

Introducing a Trader Joe's review blog: Sweet on Trader Joe's

Introducing Sweet on Trader Joe's

It'll come as no surprise that we're big fans of Trader Joe's around here. Many years ago, after Trader Joe's opened in our area, Jack and I started posting weekly-ish reviews of Trader Joe's desserts and snacks here on Bake at 350. It was something fun for us to do together, and let's face it, an excuse to try every new product Trader Joe's introduced. 

NOTE: we have no connection to Trader Joe's and purchase all of the products ourselves. Our reviews are not sponsored in any way. 

Fast forward a few years, and y'all...when people talk to me about the blog, they rarely ask about decorated cookies or recipes...ok, I do get a lot of questions about Ree...but the MAIN topic people want to discuss is TRADER JOE'S. 

Bake at 350 isn't going anywhere...the sugar will remain in place and we'll still feature weekly-ish reviews of Trader Joe's sweets. BUT! *cues dramatic music*

We're giving you what you want. A blog dedicated to ALL TRADER JOE'S REVIEWS, ALL THE TIME. 

It's called Sweet on Trader Joe's

Introducing a new Trader Joe's review blog: Sweet on Trader Joe's

Our TJ's reviews on Bake at 350 focused on desserts and snacks. On Sweet on Trader Joe's, we review it all! And by "we," I mean you'll find reviews Jack, Mark (Mr. E), and of course, me! Sweet, savory, desserts, cheese, frozen foods, beauty, home...maybe we'll even get the kitties in on the action. Who knows? 

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A new Trader Joe's review blog: Sweet on Trader Joe's

One part of the new blog I love is not only can you search by category, but you can sort by 5-star reviews. If you're planning a trip to Trader Joe's and want to know our must-buys, start there. (That's not to say, there aren't products we love that didn't make the 5-star cut. Those 5-stars are reserved for items where we agree on an item's 5-star-worthiness.)

When we review an ingredient, like these Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Chips, I'll link recipes from some of my favorite bloggers, so you'll have great recipes at your fingertips when using the item!

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Come on over and check out Sweet on Trader Joe's! Let us know what you think and what products you'd love for us to review! 

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