Bride's Cake Ice Cream

Bride's Cake Ice Cream recipe

If this ice cream were available at our local ice cream shoppe, I might be in line every day for a double scoop. Luckily, I can pace myself by making it at home. Super creamy almond ice cream, strewn with white cake pieces and swirled with raspberry jam and almond buttercream, make this Bride's Cake Ice Cream reminiscent of the best wedding cake. It. Is. HEAVEN. 

*this recipe is sponsored by my friends at Imperial Sugar.

Bride's Cake Ice Cream recipe
Bride's Cake Ice Cream recipe

I've been a proponent of homemade ice cream for ages now. An ice cream maker is one of the best wedding gifts we received. Although I've replaced that original ice cream maker for this one, it inspired a love of making homemade ice cream. Some of my favorite homemade ice cream recipes are 7-layer cookie ice cream, chocolate peanut butter ice cream, and roasted cherry almond cheesecake ice cream

After recipe testing this Bride's Cake Ice Cream, I immediately texted my aunt and told her to buy an ice cream maker. Friends, if you've been on the fence about buying an ice cream maker, let this be your sign. 

How to Make Bride's Cake Ice Cream (or Wedding Cake Ice Cream)

Making homemade ice cream is simple, and this one is no exception, but it does have a few more steps involved. 

how to make Bride's Cake Ice Cream

First, you'll make a white cake mix, doctored up a little from a box. You'll cut part of the cake into cubes and freeze them. 

Making the ice cream base is a cinch. Making it with egg yolks creates a super rich and creamy ice cream. This mix needs to chill in the fridge for a few hours or overnight before churning.

The other two components are raspberry jam and almond buttercream.

straining raspberry jam

If you can find seedless raspberry jam, use that. If not, press it through a fine-mesh sieve to remove the seeds. 

how to make Bride's Cake Ice Cream

The almond buttercream can be whipped up while your ice cream base is churning. 

how to make Bride's Cake Ice Cream

how to make Bride's Cake Ice Cream

Once the ice cream base is finished churning, add all of the components into an ice cream container. A freezer-safe Tupperware or bowl is fine. I bought these ice cream containers on Amazon a few years ago, and I love them. 

how to make Bride's Cake Ice Cream

Start by swirling some of the jam and frosting inside the container. Add the soft ice cream while sprinkling in the frozen cake pieces and drizzling in more jam and frosting as you go so that the add-ins are evenly dispersed throughout.

Bride's Cake Ice Cream recipe

Press plastic wrap onto the ice cream and freeze until firm enough for scooping, about 4 hours. As with most ice cream, let sit for 5 minutes at room temperature before scooping. 

how to make Bride's Cake Ice Cream

You are going to LOOOOOOOVE this ice cream. Just like the Men's Warehouse guy, I guarantee it. Find the full recipe over at Imperial Sugar

bride's cake ice cream, wedding cake ice cream recipe


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  1. OMG - I love to make ice cream and this recipe is going to the top of my to-do list! What a great combination!


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