Cookie Color Combination Crush: Terracotta + Teal

Cookie Color Combination Crush: Terracotta + Teal

Maybe it's because I'm "an autumn," but I am 100% swooning over this terracotta and teal cookie color combination. These colors speak to my soul. (Also, I always love a little pop of black on cookies.) 

Cookie Color Combination Crush: Terracotta + Teal

I'm meeting a new friend today. She's in 5th grade, and I've heard she wants to learn to bake. I have a feeling we're going to get along just fine. Cookies are always a good "nice to meet you" gift, right? 

How to decorate cookies with terracotta and teal royal icing...

While I don't have a step-by-step tutorial for you, let me walk you through how I made these with the colors and recipes I used. 

Cookie Color Combination Crush: Terracotta + Teal

First up, I used my perfect every time vanilla-almond cut-out cookie recipe. It's my go-to for a reason - it's delicious and always bakes up like a dream. 

The cookies are decorated with royal icing. Again, this recipe is my go-to. I would love to know how many thousands of cookies I've decorated using it. 

Cookie Color Combination Crush: Terracotta + Teal

Cookie Color Combination Crush: Terracotta + Teal

For the icing colors, I used:

  • AmeriColor Terracotta, I used two shades (you can read more about it on this post I wrote about orange food coloring)
  • Teal: I used AmeriColor Peacock with a bit of Midnight mixed in. Peacock is a deeper, richer teal than their regular "teal," and the midnight just deepens it a bit more, but honestly, I'm not sure it made much difference. Peacock is beautiful on its own.
  • For the leaves: AmeriColor Laurel

On the hearts, I outlined the cookies using a #2 tip, then thinned the icing and flooded the cookies with teal. While the icing was wet, I added the flower and leaf shapes right on top of the teal. 

The most crucial step here is to let the icing dry overnight. 

Cookie Color Combination Crush: Terracotta + Teal

Once the icing is completely dry, you can add details with a black food coloring pen. I've been loving these double-sided food coloring pens.

I also added a few design details using piping consistency icing in both shades of terracotta using #1 icing tips. 

Cookie Color Combination Crush: Terracotta + Teal

Cookies always look so sweet bagged and tied with ribbon, but the camera just doesn't want to capture the cuteness in full. Trust me. Bag + ribbon + cookies = CUTE. 

I'd love to hear color combinations you'd love to see on cookies! 
[If you want more info regarding color analysis, read the post on my color consult here and more on House of Colour here. As you can tell, my obsession is running over into my cookies!]



  1. What cookie recipe would you use on the Springerie Molds? Have you used these?


    1. Hey there! I have used them but haven't found a recipe that I 100% love yet. I need to work on that!

  2. The cookies look amazing. Beautifully decorated.


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