Prime Day Favorites 2023

Happy Prime Day to all who celebrate! I'm sharing my list of things that I ACTUALLY buy and love + allllllll of the things I want to put in my Amazon cart. Let's go! 

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A baking blogger's PRIME DAY Favorites for 2023


Vital Proteins CHOCOLATE Collagen Peptides
This is my latest obsession. I froth it in almond milk (add it in slowly while the frother is running) and pour it over chilled espresso. It's a great pick-me-up after being outside exercising or gardening. I started using it a few weeks ago because my knees were feeling a little achy. We'll see if that gets better, but Y' eyelashes are already thicker??? I wasn't even expecting that! 

Speaking of frothing...this is the actual frother I bought two weeks ago. It's now on Prime Day. I'm not bitter, but if you're in the market, pick it up while it's on sale! 


 Martha Stewart Knife Block Set

I don't have a knife block set, but this one from Martha is calling my name! 

If you do not have cookie scoops, now is the time to grab this set of three. I use cookie scoops almost every time I bake cookies!

Pre-Cut Parchment Sheets

Using pre-cut sheets seems like a luxury, but once you've tried them, I bet you'll never go back. For years, I bought the rolled parchment paper, and now, reaching for a pre-cut sheet makes me so happy! 

White Granite Induction Cookware Set

Who has an induction range? Please tell me how you like it! It's on our list...and I love, love, love this cookware set. 


If I've said it once, I've said it 437 times...every baker needs a bench scraper. I've even written a post on The Pioneer Woman singing its praises.

Martha Stewart Cast Iron Dutch Oven in "Marth Blue"

OK...just gimme all of the Martha Stewart Prime Day goodies!   *adds to cart*

Stainless Steel Nesting Bowls with Lids and Non-Slip Bottom

I was gifted a nested set of bowls just like these...with non-slip bottoms and lids. I reach for one at least once a day. They're workhorses, and I don't know how I lived without them. Surprise, surprise - they're from Martha. (So are mine!)

Yes, you can make these liners with a sheet of parchment, but let's be's easier just to have them on hand. They really elevate any muffin or cupcake!

Immersion Blender

You need one. That is all. 

Not a necessity, but I can tell you that I love mine! I break it out whenever I'm rolling pie dough. 

Speaking of pie, let's all ditch the beans and treat ourselves to some ceramic pie weights. We deserve it.

Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

Do we NEED it? No. Can we talk ourselves into needing it? YES.

Vitamix Propel Series

If you don't have a "good" blender, this might be the time to pick one up. We have a Blendtec. Those aren't on Prime Day, but these Vitamix blenders are, and they are stellar. 

Vital Performance Protein Powder

You'll want a protein powder to blend up in your smoothies. This is our favorite. You've probably seen me mention it on the blog

Happy Prime Day! 

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