How to Make Parchment Paper Cupcake Liners

How to Make Parchment Paper Cupcake or Muffin Liners

My love for parchment paper knows no bounds. Along with sugar, flour, eggs, and butter, parchment paper is always in my kitchen. For the past few years, I've actually been treating myself to pre-cut sheets - such a luxury. I'm loving these pre-cut parchment sheets

Did you know that you can fashion parchment paper into cupcake or muffin liners? Yes, you can! This simple baking hack makes it easy...and the results are so pretty. The liners really have that bakery look! 

How to Make Parchment Paper Cupcake Liners

While I love the look of these store-bought parchment tulip liners above, I don't have room to store a bunch of cupcake liners in my kitchen. And, I couldn't always find these when I wanted them. 

Before we get to the how-to, here are some recipes so you can practice your skill. Also, these homemade liners are an easy way to elevate store-bought muffin mix!

Muffin and Cupcake Recipes to Love

One note: you have to promise not to judge me based on my well-loved muffin tin. It's CLEAN, I promise! 

How to Make Parchment Paper Cupcake Liners

  1. Cut parchment into 5-inch squares; they don’t have to be exact. 
    How to Make Parchment Paper Cupcake Liners
  2. Lightly grease the insides of the muffin tins. (I most often use shortening here. I know it seems silly to grease a tin cavity when you are using a liner, but the shortening will help the parchment stick in the cup.) 
    How to Make Parchment Paper Cupcake Liners
  3. Press the parchment square into the greased tin using a juice glass. No origami skills needed. 
  4. Remove the glass and use your fingers to press the parchment folds into place as needed. You'll be happy that muffin tin is greased; otherwise, the parchment will pop right out!) 
    How to Make Parchment Paper Cupcake Liners
  5. Bake muffins or cupcakes as usual. 

I shared portions of this post on The Pioneer Woman Food & Friends in 2015.

I'm thinking...muffins for breakfast tomorrow! What's your favorite cupcake or muffin flavor?


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