Cherry Limeade Compote

Cherry Limeade Compote over greek yogurt in gingham bowl

COMPOTE! Here's a recipe you need in your life. YOU DO! Cherry Limeade Compote! 

*this recipe was created for my friends at Imperial Sugar

Cherry Limeade Compote in bowl with floral spoon

Cherry Limeade Compote is like your favorite slush flavor - Cherry Limeade - but made with fresh fruit! Compote is perfect for topping ice cream, yogurt, and as an accoutrement on a cheese platter. (It is SO GOOD paired with goat cheese!) I keep thinking how delicious it would be mixed with cherry or vanilla ice cream in a milkshake! 

Would you believe me if I told you that you can make it in 10 minutes?!? It's absolutely true! Make it, and then have it on hand all week! I've literally eaten this every day on Greek yogurt for breakfast, lunch, and dessert! 

Cherry Limeade Compote

What is a compote? How is compote different from jam or chutney?

Compote is fresh or frozen fruit cooked with a little sugar (hello, Imperial Sugar) and water. That's about it! 

Made without thickeners or pectin, compote isn't as thick as jam and is more for spooning rather than spreading. And unlike a chutney, it doesn't have vinegar or any savory notes.

This compote is made with fresh cherries, lime zest and juice, Imperial Sugar, vanilla, and a pinch of salt. Simple and spectacular. 

cherries in colander

Speaking of cherry recipes, have you tried these?

How to Make Cherry Limeade Compote

cherries being pitted, 6-hole cherry pitter

Start by pitting your cherries. This 6-hole cherry pitter is a life-saver. I use it all summer long, and it's one of my favorite kitchen tools

cherries cut in half, pitted

cherries cut in half

Once pitted, cut the cherries in half. 

cooking Cherry Limeade Compote in saucepan

Combine with the zest, sugar, and water. Cook for just a few minutes. 

Stir in lime juice and vanilla. That's it! 

Cherry Limeade Compote in ice bath

HINT: to cool quickly, use an ice bath to cool before storing in the refrigerator. 

Cherry Limeade Compote in bowl on polka dot napkin with small bowl with greek yogurt

My full recipe for Cherry Limeade Compote is over on Imperial Sugar. Make it, and let us know how you like to eat it! Tag us! @imperial_sugar @bridget350

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