Sweet on Trader Joe's Saturdays: The Best (Bar None) Ice Cream Bars

It's hot! I told my husband that my goal for the summer is not to complain about the heat and humidity.  So, that was not a complaint, just a statement.  We were out walking last weekend and I said to him, "this is me not commenting on how hot and humid it is outside."
{In other words, this goal is a work in progress.}

Naturally, because it's hot (not complaining), I was thrilled that kiddo wanted "something cold" for our review today and picked these ice cream bars.

trader joe's the best (bar none) ice cream bars review #traderjoes

Trader Joe's The Best (Bar None) Ice Cream Bars come 4 to a package and cost $2.99.  They're described as "creamy vanilla ice cream dipped in rich, dark chocolate."

trader joe's the best (bar none) ice cream bars review ... by a mom & teenage son
My take: The chocolate coating on these bars is just as described "rich and dark."  It tasted like good, high quality chocolate, not like "coating" like some ice creams bars.  Do you know what I mean?  The ice cream: creamy, soft, could stand on its own even without the chocolate.  My only beef?  The chocolate coating falls apart very, very easily.  They were delicious, but a mess.  As in, do NOT eat these while wearing white jeans or sitting on your white sofa.  If you must give one to a toddler, have them eat it outside...naked.  I'm going to play gymnastics judge and subtract 5 points for the dismount, er, messiness.
Overall 4.5 out of 5 stars

Kiddo's take: Simply put, these are pretty much the best ice cream bars I've ever had. The only problem is that I can't properly enjoy them because the shell is falling apart all over me. Be very careful while eating these! Also, the ice cream is so soft that it slides around on the stick, so you need a watchful eye and pretty good reflexes to eat one. (; Other than that, these are totally worth the mess.
Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
trader joe's the best (bar none) ice cream bars review ... by a mom & teenage son

Trader Joe's The Best (Bar None) Ice Cream Bars: good stuff, bring napkins. 
trader joe's the best (bar none) ice cream bars review


  1. Like those pictures! Maybe they are falling apart and sliding around because even when your inside in Houston in the summer, it's so damn hot and humid.( I complained for you)

  2. AN ice cream bar that needs a bowl and a spoon is a sundae. Makes me want to go to DQ NOW:)

  3. I love that your son does all these Trader Joe's reviews with you. BTW, I have the same shirt he's wearing in the picture. It's one of my favorite shirt :)

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