The Pioneer Woman Food & Friends Latest Post : Cookie Scoops!

Alright guys. Do you have cookie scoops, do you love cookie scoops?

all about cookie scoops

I'm sharing my love for them...and their uses over on The Pioneer Woman Food & Friends.
(Also, I'd like to be the first to introduce you to The Cookie Scoop Diet. It's a real thing.)

all about cookie scoops

Not only that, but I'm giving you a good excuse to use that cookie scoop: Lemon Almond Wedding Cookies. You know those powdered sugar covered cookies? Well, here's a lemon and almond-flavored version that is totally irresistible.

cookie scoops 101 + lemon almond wedding cookies

It's all over at Ree's. Go check it out! :) 

cookie scoops 101 + lemon almond wedding cookies


  1. yes! I have 2 of them, small and large and use them ALL the time!!


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