Cherry Fritters

how to make cherry fritters! |

Cherries. They're easily on my top 5 list of things to love about summer...just behind my boy being out of school and air conditioning. The thought of a bowl of cold cherries in the fridge makes the Texas heat a little more bearable.

*this post is sponsored by my friends at Imperial Sugar.

homemade cherry fritters with a yeasted dough and vanilla-almond glaze |

Most of the cherries around here are eaten as is, and once I purchased a 6-cherry pitter, we're eating them as fast as the grocery store can stock them. Last week, though, I decided to try making a batch, or 7, of cherry fritters. I love an apple fritter, but once the idea of CHERRIES in a fritter entered my mind, there was no turning back.

how to make cherry fritters

The recipe starts with yeasted dough (think doughnuts) that rises in the fridge overnight. This is ideal for breakfast. Who wants to wake up 3 hours early to get breakfast on the table? (Answer: not this girl.)

how to make cherry fritters

In the morning, take the dough out and press into a rectangle. Scatter some beautiful chopped sweet cherries on top.

how to make cherry fritters

Roll it up and slice.

how to make cherry fritters

While the oil heats for frying, the fritters rise a bit more. Don't worry about any cherries peeking out; the sticky dough holds them in place.

homemade cherry fritters |

Next: fry them up, just a minute or so on each side.

homemade cherry fritters with a yeasted dough and vanilla-almond glaze |

Each fritter gets dipped in a vanilla-almond glaze. These are best eaten soon after making, but we kept them around for a few days-worth of breakfasts. Every time Jack ate one he said, "you MADE these?!?" That's all the confirmation I need: fritter success.

homemade cherry fritters with a yeasted dough and vanilla-almond glaze |

I'm sharing the recipe over at Imperial Sugar today. 
I'd love for you to whip up a batch...if you can spare a cup or so of cherries.

Want more cherries? See: Roasted Cherry and Almond Cheesecake Ice Cream, Decorated Cherry Cookies, and Cherry Pie Bars for starters.


  1. Wow! These look so tasty! Thanks for sharing ;)

  2. OH MY, Bridget. These look absolutely WONDERFUL!

  3. Made the dough yesterday and fried them for breakfast today. They were so light, tender, and delicious. Loved the almond flavoring in the dough and glaze. I had never thought of cherry fritters. This is a recipe to try while cherries are in season now.

  4. Bridget!! These look sooooo amazing! I can't wait to try making them! EEEK!!

  5. I don't know if you have control of ad placement, but seeing toenail fungus pictures in the middle of your recipes is quite a turn off.

    1. I don't, but you're right....that's not appetizing. ;) I'll speak to my ad network and see what I can do about it. (I'm not seeing it on this end.)


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