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American Buttercream |

American Buttercream sounds fancy, but what we're really talking about today is good ol' fashioned frosting. Cake frosting. Well, it's delicious on cupcakes and cookies (and graham crackers), too.

American Buttercream |

It is a cinch to make, a blank canvas for flavoring, and perfect for piping. Worried about your buttercream wilting in the summer heat? I have the solution for you.

American Buttercream | for The Pioneer Woman Food and Friends

Hop over to The Pioneer Woman Food & Friends today where I'm sharing tips for making American Buttercream along with the recipe.

Happy frosting, my friends!

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  1. Thanks for sharing all this yummy and tasty stuff..I really love cup cakes and cup cakes can't be taste better without that butter cream.Thanks for sharing recipe.keep posting


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