PINK! Hooray and Diamond Stamped Cookies

Hooray and Diamond Stamped Cookies

As soon as I saw Sweet Sugarbelle's cutter and cookie stamp kit, I knew I had to try it. I love all of the designs, but especially the words! This is the perfect solution if, like me, you're just not going to project a font onto your cookies to get pretty handwriting. #teamlazy

Hooray and Diamond Stamped Cookies

There were lots of questions on Instagram as I was making these...are they really THAT easy?
Answer: yes.

how to use Sugarbelle's cookie cutters and stamps

The cookie cutters and stamps come in a kit. Each cookie cutter/stamp is three pieces. There's the cutter, the stamp, and a handle. The handle is detachable, so you only need one of those for all of your stamps.

how to tint cookie dough

I used my go-to perfect cut-out cookie recipe, and I tinted it pink! To tint the dough, just squeeze a little food coloring into the dough and knead. You might want to divide the dough into thirds, tint, then knead it all together. Be sure to wash your hands afterward, or your kitchen could look like a crime scene.

Hooray and Diamond Stamped Cookies

Roll the dough out, cut, and stamp. Easy as that.

Hooray and Diamond Stamped Cookies ♥ Sugarbelle cookie cutters and stamps

For a little extra insurance against spreading, pop the shapes in the freezer for 10 minutes before baking. Once baked, let them cool completely.

For decorating, make up your favorite royal icing recipe (here's mine). Tint with white food coloring. (This is optional, but I always use it as royal icing can dry beige without it.) Thin with water bit by bit, stirring gently. When you drag a knife through the icing and the line disappears in about 20 seconds, it's ready.

Cover the icing with a damp dish towel for a few minutes before pouring into a squeeze bottle. Stir gently to pop large air bubbles, then pour into a bottle. I found Sugarbelle's bottles that allow for tips worked the best. I fitted my bottle with a #2 tip.

Squeeze the icing into the stamped areas. Use a toothpick to guide to corners, edges, and to pop air bubbles. Let the icing dry uncovered for 6-8 hours or overnight.

Hooray and Diamond Stamped Cookies ♥ Sugarbelle cookie cutters and stamps

If desired, break out the pearl dust. Brush on dry for a pearly sheen. ♥

Hooray and Diamond Stamped Cookies ♥ Sugarbelle cookie cutters and stamps

Can I get a "hooray" for these easy peasy stamped cookies?!?


  1. So pretty! But I always wondered, with cookies low on icing like these ones, do they get stale faster?

  2. wow, look delicious cake, i also want to try it, thank you for sharing

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