A podcast for foodies...Works For Me Wednesday

This month I officially joined the 21st century. No, I didn't join Facebook. No, I still don't tweet. I bought one of these...
...an iPod Shuffle. Yes, I feel quite cool. Actually, I'm not cool. There's no music on it.

Here's what I discovered...podcasts of The Splendid Table. I've never actually heard The Splendid Table on NPR, but I am so, so happy to have found the podcasts.

They are a food lovers' dream radio show. If I had my way there would be a talk radio station devoted to this 24/7. The Splendid Table's topics are so interesting...I know you'll love them!

The host, Lynne Rossetto Kasper, is just the person you'd want to have over for dinner. She obviously has a wealth of knowledge about food, but she's unpretentious about it. Lynne's funny, smart and brings food to life through the radio. She keeps me walking and riding my bike longer and that's saying something. If I'm going to be making (and eating) these and this and this, I NEED all the extra exercise minutes I can get. :)

The Splendid Table podcasts Work For Me. How about you? Any podcasts on your iPod?

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