Getting to know you, getting to know all about you. . .

Hi y'all! It's survey time at Bake at 350.

I would really appreciate you taking the time to complete my little survey. (It's only 14 questions, mostly multiple choice and won't be part of your permanent record.)

This will help me know what you are looking for from Bake at 350 and also help me decide what to offer as giveaways!

{I mean, if all of you out there are 12-year-old boys, I don't think you're going to enjoy an apron giveaway very much.}

Please know I give you a very heart-felt THANK YOU for participating!



  1. Hi Bridget!
    Just letting you know I completed the survey! Love your blog! Love your cookies...happy happy! Thanks for all that you share!

  2. very clever...your survey!
    i think you are so creative & i enjoy you daily!!

  3. I completed the survey! As you know, I'm fan of you and your COOKIES... love your blog!!

  4. I just finished the survey! Very smart idea! Like everything I find here! :)

    Love, love your Blog!

    Happy Saturday!

  5. I filled out the survey and just felt the need to let you know that I would never be offended by an apron giveaway! :) I love cute aprons! Thanks for sharing your talents!

  6. I did the survey this morning. That was really easy to do!

  7. Survey done. But Jon Hamm? Sorry, not so delicious to me.

  8. Apron giveaway?????!!!!! LOL ♥ I would LOVE an Apron giveaway!♥

    Great survey Bridget I wish I had done some of the questions you did!!


  9. Okay, wonderful survey. Only....what is a Jon Hamm? Is this a person or a thing that I should know about?

  10. sorry. ;)

    TidyMom...I thought I stole all of YOUR questions! LOL!

    Bento...Jon Hamm is an actor in the show Mad Men. Yes, I think you should know about him. ;)

  11. Your site looks great! So cheery with the yellow. Ok I'm off to do your survey:)

  12. Hi Bridget-
    I just stumbled upon your fabulous blog and love all your cute cookies and it's wonderful that you share the "how to's" on decorating, storing and planning cookies!! I share your love of baking and decorating sugar cookies. It's such a great creative outlet.

    You have some amazing ideas and creations here! I can't wait to come back and read more tutorials. :)

    I'm now a follower-don't you just love watching that number climb? **wink wink**

  13. Bridget,
    I live in the Houston area and was wondering if you ever offer cookie decorating lessons? I love your work and have always wanted to learn from a pro. Thanks for sharing all of your tips and tricks.


  14. Courtney...thanks for asking. That IS something I'm trying to arrange. :)

  15. Just found your site and LOVE It! I also filled out the survey for you! Can't wait to read more!!!!

  16. Bridget, even your survey was fun! And I'd love to be in your area and have cookie lessons from you - that's gonna be a hit.

  17. How do I subscribe by email?? I can't find the little box that I usually sign up for email updates.....


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