I have no idea what to call this, but I like it . . . Works For Me Wednesday

I'm thinking of just re-titling this..."Longest Blog Post Title in History."

Anyhoo...I wanted to show you guys this handy-dandy measuring cup that works for me.

{Photo Credit: pamperedchef.com}

Why? Fill one end and it's perfect for liquids. Flip it and the other side is perfect for measuring solid, semi-solid and sticky stuff.

You know that stuff that is hard to measure....shortening, peanut butter, honey. Just fill it to the amount you need and just push it right out. Voila!


Mine is from Pampered Chef...no, I don't sell PC, but I have seen them other places. Sur La Table carries a mini version! I still really don't know what to call it. A flip-able, measuring cup pusher-outer thingy. There...that's it.

{On a side note, any recipe that has both butter AND Crisco is good in my book. I'll share this with you later.}

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