Cinco de Mayo Cake

 Cinco de Mayo Cake with bright buttercream flowers and a colorful border

Yes, it's Ocho de Mayo. I may always be on time in real life, but on the blog...maybe not so much.

This cake was for a cake auction (!) at a Cinco de Mayo fundraiser. Spoiler: it did sell and not to a relative. Yay!

Cinco de Mayo Cake with bright buttercream flowers and a colorful border

Attempting a pretty cake still makes me a little nervous, probably because I don't do it very often. I did use a recipe that I love, though, so that part made me a little less nervous. I made this yellow layer cake with cookies dough filling and fudge frosting. The only change I made in the cake is that I toasted the flour for the filling to make that cookie dough 100% safe to eat.

For the buttercream flowers, I used this buttercream with a 3:1 shortening to butter ratio. Here's a tip: after making the flowers, pop them in the freezer until you're ready to use them. I did that for the flowers I didn't feel confident piping directly onto the cake.

Cinco de Mayo Cake with bright buttercream flowers and a colorful border

That edge might be my favorite part. I used #12 tips. Yes, I bought 4 more tips so I wouldn't have to swap icing bags or try to space that evenly.

I've gotta tell you about my inspiration. Y'all...these people make cakes and pretty frosting.
  • Mindy's Bakeshop: fellow Texas girl who makes beautiful cakes and cookies
  • Coco Cake Land: Lyndsay's cakes are creative, whimsical, and fantastic. (Also, she has a book coming out in August.)
  • Mrs. Weber Bakes: A local girl, I'm such a fan. Mr. E had her make my birthday cake a few years was delicious and beautiful. 
  • I also gleaned some piping techniques from the Topless Baker. (Never's a guy, and he's wearing an apron. ;))
Cinco de Mayo Cake with bright buttercream flowers and a colorful border

Of course, I don't have a photo of the inside as it was auctioned off, but there's a pic of this same cake here. It's a good one. 

Happy Ocho de Mayo, y'all. 



  1. This looks amazing! Can you explain more about why toasting the flour for the filling makes it safer to eat and how you toasted it? Thanks!

    1. Hi Anon!

      It came out a couple of years ago that we shouldn't eat raw flour. I tend to ignore that unless I'm baking for other people. Toasting the flour in the oven cooks out anything that shouldn't be there and doesn't alter the taste.

      Find more here:

      Thanks for asking!

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  10. That's beautiful! Could you please tell us what tips you used to make the flowers and leaves. Thanks.


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