10 Cherry Desserts using fresh, frozen, and even canned cherries

I have some good news and some bad news and some more good news.

10 Cherry Desserts using fresh, frozen, and even canned cherries

The good news: Looking through some old cookbooks, I found some cherry recipes that I'd marked to try, but never had.

The bad news: Well, they weren't great. So, lots of wasted cherries, lots of excess calories tasting recipes that were just ok...I'm not sharing them here because you deserve better than "meh" recipes.

The good news, part two: I already have LOTS of cherry recipes on the blog. Some use fresh cherries, some frozen, some canned! I'm sharing 10 of my favorites with you in lieu of mediocre new ones.

Here they are in no particular order. Click the recipe title to go to that page. 

Cherry Pie Bars
cherry pie bars :: like sugar cookie bars and a cherry pie got married ♥
Imagine if a sugar cookie and a cherry pie got married. This is the result.

Quadruple Chocolate Cherry Cookies
quadruple chocolate cherry cookies
Hubba hubba.

Roasted Cherry and Almond Cheesecake Ice Cream
Roasted Cherry and Almond Cheesecake Ice Cream | bakeat350.net
I'm a chocolate ice cream girl all the way, and I DREAM about this ice cream. It's luscious.

Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries Decorated Cookies
decorated cookies with cherries and polka dots!
These might be my favorite. (I know I say that a lot, but I feel like I mean it this time.)

Cherry Sheet Cake
Cherry Sheet Cake ... a quick and easy weeknight cake, studded with cherries.
So simple. So sweet. So delicious.

Chocolate Cherry Almond Butter Breakfast Cookies
Chocolate Cherry Almond Butter Breakfast Cookies  | bakeat350.net
Cookies for breakfast. The end.

American Flag Cookie Bars
American Flag Cherry & Blueberry Cookie Bars ... a last-minute dessert perfect for the 4th of July!
Did you like those cherry pie bars up top? Make this one for the 4th of July!

Mon Cheri Decorated Cookies
easy cherry decorated cookies
Easiest decorated cherry cookies you'll ever make!

Chocolate Cherry Almond Biscotti
chocolate almond cherry biscotti recipe
What is not to love here?

Tart Cherry Pie
tart cherry pie recipe ... made using frozen cherries!
No list of cherry desserts is complete without a pie. Truth: cherry pies are the best fruit pies.



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  2. Thanks for the July 4th cherry pie bars recipe. It's going to be the show stopper (I hope) at my upcoming family picnic!

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  5. I made the cherry pie bars and my husband loved them so much he said that they were not only a great dessert but a yummy breakfast too. Thanks for the inspiration

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