Totus Tuus (Music Ministry) Cookies

totus tuus cookies: Notre Dame music ministry group

Before Jack came home for spring break in March (which turned into *cue dramatic music* pandemic break), he and his music ministry group at school were working on an EP. 

totus tuus cookies: Notre Dame music ministry group

The group is called is Totus Tuus. They play at events on campus...and last year, opened for Matt Maher when he came to Notre Dame! We've been lucky enough to hear them play a couple of times. They actually let Mr. E and me sit in on a rehearsal earlier this year, and it was so beautiful. Not just the music, but to watch these insanely talented young people come together on their own. I was holding back the tears big time. I'm already THAT mom; I didn't want to be THAT THAT mom. 

I still don't know much about recording and producing, I learned a few things. (Jack will need to correct me, although I'm sure he's too busy to read his ol' mom's blog.) Anyhoo...Jack has always been into music, not only playing but mixing, etc. To make the EP, all of the parts were recorded separately, and then Jack mixed all of the parts together. I had zero idea that is what music production could entail. 

notre dame golden dome cookies

Cue March and their recording sessions got cut short and they couldn't record all of the songs they intented. Jack was able to put three of their songs onto Spotify...they're working on getting on Apple Music. The EP is aptly titled Unfinished; title chosen before COVID. The songs all beautiful to me, but if I had to choose a favorite, it would be Teresa. Give it a listen here

To get ready for going back to campus, I made the band some cookies, and we shipped them off as a little surprise. It's going to be interesting to see how music groups can practice during this crazy time. I see a lot of outdoor concerts happening on campus. 

totus tuus cookies: Notre Dame music ministry group

I've made Notre Dame cookies before, but I have to say that I'm IN LOVE with the light blue in this set. It works so well with the green and the Golden Dome. For light blue, I really love using a light shade of turquoise. You can mix in a little sky blue as well, but the turquoise makes it pop.

university of notre dame totus tuus cookies

I wasn't sure how those Golden Dome cookies would turn out, but I was super happy with them. I knew if I tried to get too literal or complicated, well...things would go south. 

The cookies are this recipe - my go-to, perfect-every-time cut-out cookies and decorated my trusty royal icing


  • blue: Americolor turquoise
  • white: Americolor bright white
  • green: Chefmaster leaf green + forest
  • gold: Americolor egg yellow
  • brown: Americolor warm brown
totus tuus cookies: Notre Dame music ministry group

For the lettering, I used this tissue paper hack that I blogged about in June. It's so so great...I never could have done the lettering without it. This fine tip food coloring pen is amazing! 

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totus tuus cookies: Notre Dame music ministry group

What are your college kids doing this semester? We are praying for the health and safety of all students, faculty, and staff everywhere. ♥

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