Wednesday Replay: Back-to-School Cookie Edition

Whether you're doing virtual school at home or school in-person, it's that time. If you're doing school at home, I think these cookies might be more for the moms and dads than for the kids, am I right? Maybe with a margarita on the side? Here are a few blasts from the cookies from the archives. 

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From 2012, Composition Notebook Cookies

composition notebook decorated cookies

These are the BEST notebooks, no question. I was always so happy to see these on my school supply list. The cookies are so fun to make! You can't mess them up. Wouldn't these be so cute in other colors, too?

From 2017, Subtle Hints for College Students Cookies

college advice decorated cookies |

Well, these definitely need an update with "WEAR YOUR MASK" and "WASH YOUR HANDS."

From 2010, Polka Dot Apple Cookies

polka dot apple cookies

About as simple and cute as it gets. 

From 2019, Notre Dame Football Cookies

Notre Dame Football Cookies |

Whether we see college football this year or not, cookies are always a winner. 

Are you making back-to-school cookies? 

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