Wednesday Replay: Halloween Cookie Edition

Looking for decorated cookie ideas for Halloween? I've got 'em for you! Let's take a little trip back to the archives. (Click the title for the details and tutorials!)

From 2019, Cutest Hairy Bat Cookies

cutest hairy bat cookies

Maybe bats are taking the blame for our 2020 woes, but I still love them. (This post includes details on the coolest bat cruise in Austin!) 

From 2009, Spiderweb Cookies

spiderweb cookies with tutorial

These cookies remain some of my favorites to this day. The color combos are infinite, and they're such a cinch to decorate! All you need is a circle cookie cutter. 

From 2017, Deviled Egg Cookies

deviled egg cookies

Y'all. I love these so much. Punny Cookies Forever!!! 

From 2018, Candy Corn Fang Cookies

candy corn fang cookies

This is about as creepy as cookies get around here. I'm not one for scary or gory cookies; these fangs with candy corn teeth lean more towards CUTE. 

From 2016, Uni-CANDY-Corn Cookies

uni-CANDY-corn cookies

Continuing on with the candy corn motif, unicorns with a candy corn horn. Yes, please. 

From 2013, Candy Corn Cookie Pops

angry candy corn cookie

Don't you just love candy corn with an attitude? This is a post I did for Parade years ago, and that angry candy corn still makes me laugh. 

Are you making Halloween cookies this year? 

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