9 Recipes for New Year's Eve

We are making all of the fun recipes to usher out 2020 and ring in 2021! A mix of savory and sweet, all of these recipes are easy to share. Maybe drop a few goodies on your neighbors' doorsteps and throw confetti together on Zoom!

Appetizers, Snacks, and Desserts for New Year's Eve

1. Southern Cheese Crackers

southern cheese crackers

These are a MUST. So, so good with a beer or a glass of champagne! They also freeze really well, so if you have a small party for New Year's, stash the remaining dough or baked crackers in the freezer for another time!

how to make cheese straws

OK. I know I just said that the southern cheese crackers are a must, but if you want to make cheese straws instead, that's more than acceptable. Like, make one or the other...but make one. Ok? Ok. 

chocolate cheesecake-filled strawberries for New Year's Eve

Tell me these aren't just the thing with a glass of bubbly! So fun and festive and special. Also, they're a super simple New Year's dessert to make! 

cookie dough pretzels with safe-to-eat cookie dough

Made with perfectly safe-to-eat toasted flour cookie dough, these bites kick plain chocolate pretzels up a few notches. (Did anyone else have an Emeril flashback?)

We take our queso seriously in Texas. It has to be spicy, it has to be YELLOW (take your white queso out of the state, please), and it has have that magical pull that won't allow you to stop dipping until it's gone. This is the stuff. 

bourbon pecan puffs

Crispy exterior, chewy insides...toasty pecan flavor, light in texture with just a hint of bourbon. Oh so good. 

how to make perfect stovetop popcorn

Maybe all New Year's Eve (or day for that matter) needs is a gigantic bowl of the most perfect popcorn. My dad taught me how to make popcorn on the stove, and the microwave stuff just does not compare. Make it. Share...or not.

lone star pecans - spicy and sweet nuts for snacking

New Year's Eve and Day are made for snacking. These spicy and sweet pecans are the ultimate in spiced nuts. Pair with an icy cold beer - or a margarita. Cheers!

coffee turtle ice cream pie

Here it is. This is the dessert to celebrate the new year. Two kinds of ice cream, a luscious homemade caramel sauce, a nutty cookie crust. You deserve it. We deserve it. 

Here's to a happy and healthy...and delicious...2021!

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