Wednesday Replay: 5 January Favorite Recipes

We're taking a look into the archives this week at some January favorite recipes. As I was looking back through 13+ years of January posts, one ingredient jumped out at me - CHOCOLATE! I actually wasn't expecting that! 

As always, click the titles to go to the posts/recipes.

From 2011, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes

chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes

Oh yeah. This little blast from the past is a brown sugar cookie dough cupcake with cookie dough filling and cookie dough frosting. Yes, please; I'll have another.

From 2020, Chocolate Mug Cake for One

chocolate mug cake for one

Don't pass this by because it's whipped up quickly in the microwave! It's delish and exactly what the doctor (ok, not a doctor) ordered when a strong chocolate craving hits! 

From 2015, Chocolate Banana Muffins with Cookie Dough Streusel

chocolate banana muffins with cookie dough streusel

Boom. Best breakfast ever. 

From 2018, Strawberry Cocoa Nib Chocolate Chip Cookies

strawberry cocoa nib cookies

The addition of cocoa nibs and freeze-dried strawberries are an unexpected delight. The cocoa nibs add crunch and a dark chocolate flavor, while the strawberries bring chewy bits and a lovely tart bite.

From 2020, Everyday Brownies

everyday brownies that replace a boxed mix!

These brownies will replace your boxed mix. A breeze to make, and oh-so-fudgy and delicious! 

What are you making this January? 

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