Wednesday Replay: 8 Favorite Lemon Desserts

Ooh-la-lemon! Lemon is one of my favorite flavors for the end of winter. It cuts through the cold and offers a hint of the bright sunshine to come.

Here are 8 of our favorite lemon dessert recipes from the archives...

From 2017, Frosted Lemon Cookie Bars

frosted lemon cookie bars

frosted lemon cookie bars

Made on the fly, when I needed a dessert and had no time to go to the store, these lemon cookie bars ended up being an absolute hit! The ombre frosting is so striking and pretty! 

From 2020, Lemon Sweet Rolls

lemon sweet rolls

I'm begging you to make these! Lightly sweet, fluffy, soft, and kissed with vanilla and lemon. They make my heart sing! 

From 2014, Cupcake Lemon Drop Cocktail

cupcake lemon drop cocktail

Hello! I think we deserve a cocktail! Especially this cupcake and lemon little darling! Cheers! 

From 2019, Lemon Almond Cookies with Lemon Glaze

lemon almond cookies from Two Peas and Their Pod Cookbook

They're zippy, tangy, and sweet with a little crunch from sliced almonds. So good! 

From 2019, Lemon Zucchini Coffee Cake

lemon zucchini coffee cake

Zippy, zingy, bright, sunny, and sweet, this showstopper breakfast treat takes the cake (ha.) because you do ALL of the work the day before serving it. Overnight, the zucchini fairies work their magic, and you wake up to absolute scrumptiousness. 

From 2018, Meyer Lemon, Ginger, and Turmeric Bundt Cake

meyer lemon, ginger, and turmeric bundt cake

That gorgeous color? All-natural! No food coloring here. The cake is light and moist with a beautiful lemon-ginger flavor. One of my favorite cakes! 

From 2016, Lemon Coconut Quick Bread

lemon coconut quick bread recipe

It's bright, tangy, sweet, with the coconut adding a little bit of magic. A slice of this bread is a little like sunshine on a dreary February day.

From 2013, Meyer Lemon-Brown Butter Cookies

meyer lemon-brown butter cookies

Frosted cookies are just special, aren't they? They're the first cookies reached for on a platter. (Or is that just me? Truth be told, I'd take one frosted and one chocolate chip!) The cookies are soft with a tanginess from the Meyer lemons. Little Miss Sunshine COOKIES!

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