Essentials for Bakers: The Cookie Spatula

Essentials for Bakers: The Cookie Spatula

Oh hi! If you're new around here, I make a lot of cookies. Cut-out cookies, chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies...A LOT of cookies. If you make cookies, you're going to want this tool. Brace yourselves, I'm now going to sing the praises of the cookie spatula.

What is a cookie spatula?

thin cookie spatula, side view

A cookie spatula is a very thin, flexible, metal spatula that slips easily underneath cookies. There are many spatulas labeled as "cookie spatulas," but if they're coated in silicone, made from plastic, or the blade is very stiff, steer clear. 

Why do I need a cookie spatula?

I know, it seems silly to have a spatula for cookies when you have others in your utensil drawer. You know how fish spatulas are perfect for fish? Well...cookie spatulas are perfect for cookies.

Essentials for Bakers: The Cookie Spatula

Because these tools are so thin, they keep cookies in shape when removing them from a cookie sheet. This is especially important when making cut-out cookies and not wanting to disturb the design, but it's also important when baking any sort of cookie. Before I learned of cookie spatulas, my "regular" spatula would sometimes wrinkle and warp a warm cookie as I removed it from the pan to cool. No one likes a wrinkled cookie. (Ok, fine...they taste the same. You know what I mean.) 

I find that the flexible component is key here. The spatula moves with your cookie and won't push it around the cookie sheet. You'll sometimes see them labeled as "turners." 

My favorite cookie spatulas:


ateco cookie spatula

*photo: Ateco

This Ateco cookie spatula is the one I've had in my kitchen for years and years. While I tend to use it only for cookies, I notice it's the spatula of choice when my husband cooks just about anything. I just checked my Amazon purchase history; I bought mine in 2011, and it's still going strong! 


Essentials for Bakers: The Cookie Spatula

Jack is graduating from college soon and about to move into his first apartment. Our spare bedroom is filled with must-haves for the move, and I was insistent he have a cookie spatula for his kitchen. How could he not?!? Well, my Ateco one was out of stock as sometimes happens, so we bought this Good Grips cookie spatula. Actually, this one is called a "turner," but it's what you want - a thin, flexible metal blade but with that nice Good Grip handle.

the best chocolate chip cookies from Bakeat350

Now that you have your cookie spatula at the ready, let's make some cookies! Here are a few favorites to get you started:

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