11 Summer Food-Themed Cookies

Before summer is over, how about making one or two batches of summer decorated cookies for those last cookouts and sleepovers? 

Here are 11 of my favorite summer food-themed decorated cookie sets. As always, click the titles to go to the full tutorials. The posts will also have links to the best cut-out cookie recipes and no-fail royal icing

11 Summer Food-Themed Cookies

11 Summer Food-Themed Cookies

Fried Chicken Cookies

fried chicken cookies

Always a favorite around here. These fried chicken cookies are suuuuuuuper simple to make...and do not actually contain any chicken. 

Life is a Bowl of Cherries Cookies

Life is a Bowl of Cherries Cookies, Mary Engelbreit-inspired cookies

Ah, cherries. There is no cuter fruit. This cherry, yellow, and polka dot cookie set is one of my favorites...maybe it's the years I spent working for Mary Engelbreit, but cherries are always the epitome of cute to me. 

Ice Cream Pop Cookies

Ice Cream Pop Cookies

Ice Cream Pop Cookies

Put a cookie on a stick, and you increase the cute quotient x 5. Make it ice cream pop cookies on  popsicle sticks, and it goes up by 8. It's true. 

Beer and Hot Dog Cookies

beer and hot dog cookies

At the ballpark, at a cookout...it's not summer without hot dogs and cold beer. Amiright?!? Kick these up another notch by adding a few green jimmies for relish. 

Strawberry Cookies

Strawberry Decorated Cookies

Maybe they're technically a spring berry, but we go through strawberries around here like crazy all summer. If you're a beginning cookie decorator, this is a very satisfying cookie to decorate when you're learning. Those dots are easy to make and really easy. Also, let me put in a plug for this strawberry refrigerator cake

Strawberry Basket Cookies

Strawberry Basket Cookies

If you like the idea of strawberry cookies, you might also want to make this strawberry basket cookie set! Strawberries, cute little baskets, and flowers all in one set. 

Holy Guacamole Cookies

Holy Guacamole Cookies

Alright, I eat avocados and guacamole year-round, but it does seem like my consumption increases exponentially in the summer. Yours, too? 

Cheeseburger Cookies

cheeseburger cookies

Not only are these cheeseburger cookies adorable, but they are also SO fun to make! A squiggle of icing here, a square of "cheese" fondant there...so fun! 

Peach Cookies

Peach Cookies

Texas peaches can rival Georgia's all day long (Sorry, Georgia!). I love these peach cookies with their pretty blush of color and "fuzzy" sanding sugar. 

pineapple cookies 3 ways

I love pineapple...whether it's cut into chunks, sliced and cooked on a grill, or in a pina colada, pineapples are a summer staple. Make these pineapple cookies, and also...please tell me you've tried this Pineapple Cream Tiramisu

French Fry Cookies with Buttercream Ketchup

cookie french fries with buttercream ketchup

I know I should spend summer eating salads and foods that have a cooling effect, but truth be told, I crave fast food all summer long. Don't ask me why - I can't get enough fries - potato or cookies - all summer! These cookie french fries are really fun for a party! 


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  1. These cookies look so cute, and I love your photography!


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