Four Decorated Turkey Cookies + a lame blast from the past!

It is time to start talking turkey...cookies. 

Will they look adorable at every place setting at your Thanksgiving table? Yes. 

Are they the perfect pop of cute between the pies on the dessert table? Yes. 

Are you the class parent and feel obligated to make for the class Thanksgiving feast? If you are like I was as a room parent, yes. 

Alright. Now we've established that you're making turkey cookies. Let's decide which one. 

four decorated turkey cookies collage

Four Decorated Turkey Cookies - tutorials and recipes

Oh, and before you make any of these cookies, you'll need the following:

The Classic Thanksgiving Turkey Cookie.

classic thanksgiving turkey cookies on a platter

This cookie is the classic. The feathered tail, side profile, sanding sugar head, and wing. Most any turkey cookie cutter you find will work for this one. 

The Flower Turkey Cookie

decorated turkey cookies made from a flower cookie cutter

This little cutie of a turkey cookie starts with a flower cookie cutter and some "Frankensteining" (explained here). You can buy a cookie cutter in this shape, but if you just have a flower cutter, you're set. 

The Peanut Butter Cup Turkey Cookies. 

peanut butter cup turkey cookies

Ok, peanut butter lovers, this is the turkey cookie for you! A peanut butter cookie, topped with a peanut butter cup, and decorated with peanut butter buttercream. I've heard from so many readers who have made these a Thanksgiving tradition - I love it! 

The Beauty Queen, Double-Decker Turkey Cookies.

whimsical decorated turkey cookies

Without a doubt, these turkey cookies are the most whimsical. And the eyelashes! Maybe all turkey cookies should have eyelashes! You get bonus points for making these because they are "double-decker cookies," meaning two cookies in one! 

And now to the lame blast from the past. I started this blog in November of 2007! What?!? So, some of my very first posts were Thanksgiving cookies. And while these turkey cookies are still cute, wow, has blog photography and posting come a long, long way. Enjoy this "vintage" post

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