Ditch Your Cranberry Sauce and Make This Instead!

bowl fresh cranberry relish

Fresh cranberry relish is my new favorite thing. As in, I CANNOT stop eating it! 

*this recipe was created with my friends at Imperial Sugar

Fresh Cranberry Relish in bowl, close-up

Cranberry relish is tart and crisp with fresh orange and apple and a kick of ginger...and, of course, fresh cranberries! There is no cooking involved, and you make it ahead of time! 

Basically, it's a Thanksgiving superhero. But I plan on eating it now through Christmas! 

Fresh Cranberry Relish in bowl with scattered cranberries and bag of Imperial Sugar

What's the difference between Cranberry Sauce and Cranberry Relish?

While cranberry sauce is cooked, cranberry relish is raw. 

fresh cranberries in strainer

If you're like me and think holiday meals can be HEAVY, fresh cranberry relish is the pop of freshness you're looking for. 

Cranberry Relish in bowl with heart-shaped crackers

Ways to Use Fresh Cranberry Relish

  • serve with traditional Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner instead of cranberry sauce,
  • makes a festive appetizer, dolloped onto a cream cheese-spread cracker,
  • on a cheese board,
  • as the best condiment for a leftover (or deli) turkey sandwich,
  • spoon over baked brie,
  • as a dip for pita chips,
  • stirred into whipped cream cheese for bagels,
  • replace jam on toast or English muffins,
  • spread onto rice cakes,
  • top a cheese quesadilla,
  • ...the ways to use it are really endless!

Let's Make Fresh Cranberry Relish

Fresh Cranberry Relish ingredients on quartz surface

All of the work is done in the food processor. I love my KitchenAid food processor. It's simple, easy to clean, and I've had it for years. 

making orange-ginger sugar

orange-ginger sugar

Start by making an orange-ginger sugar with Imperial Sugar. Take a few deep inhales because it is heavenly! 

I use crystallized ginger in this recipe. It's a favorite of mine. In our grocery store, I can find it in the bulk section as well as packaged, sometimes near the nuts and dates. You'll want to buy extra to make chocolate ginger cookies, pecan streusel sweet potato casserole, and ginger ale cake

knife segmenting cara cara orange on green cutting board

You'll segment a few oranges and reserve the juice. I prefer Cara Cara oranges, but you can substitute standard navel oranges. 

Cara Cara oranges have a more vibrantly-colored flesh and are sweeter, juicier, slightly tangy, and seedless!!! 

chopped honeycrisp apple in food processor

Use the food processor to chop a Honeycrisp apple, cranberries, and oranges. 

Fresh Cranberry Relish collage

All of that goodness gets stirred into the orange-ginger sugar along with grated fresh ginger. 

fresh cranberry relish with bag of imperial sugar

Make this at least two hours before serving, but it's best made a day or two prior. Cover well, and you'll have it for snacking and serving all week!

I'm sharing my Fresh Cranberry Relish recipe on Imperial Sugar today. I'll be making it for Thanksgiving and as long as fresh cranberries are available! 

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