11 Simple Cookie Decorating Techniques for Making Christmas (or any) Cookies!

Whether you're a newbie cookie decorator or just want to mix things up this year, you'll love these simple cookie decorating techniques. 

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collage of christmas cookies decorated with different simple icing techniques

11 Simple Cookie Decorating Techniques for Making Christmas (or any) Cookies!

First, to make decorated sugar cookies, you'll need an excellent cut-out cookie recipe and a foolproof royal icing recipe.

dip marbled christmas ornament cookies in red and gold

Dip Marbling Cookies

Dip marbling is a little like tie-dying, made by swirling royal icing colors and dipping cookies into the mix. You never know what you'll get, and the results are always stunning! 

a marbled christmas decorated cookie with toothpicks

Toothpick Marbled Cookies

Made by piping lines of wet icing on top of a base layer of wet icing and dragging a toothpick across, toothpick marbling is a simple way to add cookie magic. 

mint green and red christmas cottage cookies

Decorating Cookies with Dots

Again, using the wet-on-wet technique, making dots on cookies is as simple as dropping a dot of thinned icing onto a base icing that is still wet. I still love these little polka-dot roofs

gingerbread latte themes gingerbread cookies with royal icing outlines

Decorating Cookies with Simple Outlines

Sometimes, super simple is best! No need to thin icing for filling or worry about the correct icing consistency; outline-only cookies make a big impact! 

glazed cut-out sugar cookie gingerbread men stacked on plate

Cut-Out Cookies with a Simple Glaze

If you're in a hurry or just want a simple, elegant look, pour a glaze over your cut-out cookies to finish them with a satin-like sheen. 

christmas tree cookie pops

Cookies on a Stick!

There's something about putting cookies on a stick that makes them extra special. I think they bring back childhood memories of lollipops, fudgsicles, and popsicles. 

leopard print Christmas cookies

Leopard Print Decorated Cookies

Another wet-on-wet icing technique that is super cute incorporated into a Christmas theme! 

christmas tree cookies decorated with food coloring "paint"

Decorating Cookies with Food Coloring "Paint"

Use food coloring as a paint on cookies covered in white icing. It's a fun change from piping and filling...and allows for a different type of artistic flair. 

polka dot christmas tree cookies with sanding sugar

Sanding Sugar on Decorated Cookies

Adding sanding sugar on top of royal icing immediately gives a "frosty" appearance...and blurs a multitude of mistakes. 

easy to make ugly christmas sweater cookies

Using Store-Bought Icing Decorations for Cookie Decorating 

Grab those pre-made icing decorations when you see them in stores. They're the quickest way to make (cute) Ugly Christmas Sweater cookies.

overhead shot of girl decorating christmas cookie with food coloring pens

Decorate Christmas Cookies with Food Coloring Pens

Want to decorate cookies with kids and avoid (most of) the mess...and save your sanity? Bake cookies and cover with white royal icing. Once dry, let them go to town with food coloring pens! I am always amazed by kids' creative cookie design ideas! 

Most importantly, remember that all people see is a "cute cookie;" they never see your mistakes! I promise! 

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