Wednesday Replay: May 27, 2020

It's really hard to choose just a few posts each week from 12 and a half years of archives. Here are four of my favorites from this week in history. (Click the links to go to the posts.)

One Smart Cookie Graduation Cookies ♥
These just make me smile. You can read a little about the tradition associated with them. That reminds me - I need to get baking! 

raspberry poppy seed bread with lemon glaze from @bakeat350 and @imperialsugar
Raise your hand if you love a quick bread. (Both of mine are raised.)

From 2011, DIY Coke Icee
Now, I admit that these aren't *exactly* like an Icee out of a machine, but they're the closest I can make at home. Also, they're SO SO EASY! 

big batch NYT chocolate chip cookies
Maybe possibly the best chocolate chip cookies I've made. Not only that, but they're also gorgeous. Like, swoon-worthy. Make them. 

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