Wednesday Replay: Homemade Treats for Christmas Giving - that aren't cookies

While we all know that Christmas cookies - sugar or gingerbread - make darling homemade Christmas gifts, how about a few ideas from the archives that aren't cookies? Give these on their own, or combine in a box filled with an assortment. (That's my favorite.) 

From 2015, Ritz Cracker Toffee

ritz cracker toffee

Christmas can't happen until I've made at least two batches of this goodness. That doesn't even count the batches I make for gifts. It's simple. It's scrumptious. It's better than your saltine version. Promise. 

From 2017, Candied Orange Peel

candied orange peel

Roll in sugar, dip in chocolate, bake into bread...these heavenly bites are better than you can imagine. Tart, sweet, chewy, and irresistible.

From 2018, Candy Cane Star Pretzel Bites

candy cane star pretzel bites

A pepperminty take on the classic Rolo pretzel turtle. Chocolate and peppermint with the crunch and salt of a pretzel make these the ultimate combination. 

From 2011, Peppermint Popcorn Crunch

peppermint popcorn crunch

Continuing on with the peppermint motif, peppermint popcorn crunch. One of Jack's friends from high school would put in a request for this each year. 

From 2011, Lone Star Pecans

Lone Star Pecans - spicy and sweet. Perfect with a beer.

Spicy and sweet, these make an appearance every holiday season - and they don't last long. Tie up a big bag of these pecans with a bow and pair with a 6-pack of Texas beer for a gift any Texan (or wannabe Texan) will love.

From 2019, Copycat Buc-ee's Beaver Nuggets

copycat buc-ee's beaver nuggets

Speaking of Texas, if you've ever road-tripped through our state, chances are you've stopped at a Buc-ee's. And if you've stopped at a Buc-ee's, chances are, you'd picked up a bag of the famous Beaver Nuggets. (This is beginning to feel like a rendition of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie...) Treat a homesick Texan to a taste of home! 

From 2015, Gingersnap Bark

gingersnap bark

Forget your peppermint bark; gingersnap is where it's at, man. 

From 2018, Salted Caramels

how to make salted caramels

Caramels are easy to make a home. Really! I'll even tell you how to make a chocolate version. (And I won't tell if you keep them all for yourself!)

Are you gifting homemade food gifts this year? If you make any of these, snap a photo and tag me on Instagram: @bridget350!

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