Essentials for Bakers: Adjustable Plunger-Style Measuring Cup

baking tools you need: plunger-style measuring cup

It occurred to me after making the Easy Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies that we really need to talk about the wonder that is the plunger-style measuring cup. 

Yes, the name of this baking tool is in serious need of rebranding. "Plunger" conjures up images that shouldn't be associated with baking. That said, you NEED this style measuring cup in your baking arsenal.

why baker's need a plunger-style measuring cup

Why does every baker need an adjustable plunger measuring cup?

With this baking tool, you can measure anything thick, gooey, sticky - or generally difficult. Think peanut butter, honey, Crisco, syrup, Nutella, marshmallow creme, etc. I love it for so many things, including measuring molasses for gingerbread cookies

No more scraping Nutella from a measuring cup. No more coating a cup with nonstick cooking spray before measuring out honey.

What is a plunger-style measuring cup exactly? 

why every baker needs a plunger measuring cup

It comes in two pieces. The inner part fits very tightly inside the outer cylinder. 

Both of mine from Pampered Chef (I have the large and the small size), although you can find this style measuring cup on Amazon and at some kitchen stores. To give you an idea of longevity, I was given my first one as a gift when Jack was in 4-year preschool. He's now 22. (They last through a lot!)

baking tool you need: plunger measuring cup

From one side, you can measure liquids like water and milk. To be honest, I don't use it for liquids much. It's the other side that is the most useful.

baking tool you need: plunger measuring cup

Flip the cup over, and this is where the "plunger" action shines. Measure anything thick, gooey, sticky, syrupy, or tacky from this side. 

how to use a plunger-style measuring cup

Before filling, pull the inner part down to the measure you want, then fill with the ingredient. 

how to use a plunger-style measuring cup

how to use a plunger-style measuring cup

Simply depress to add the perfect amount into your recipe. 

how to use a plunger-style measuring cup

Want to try out your new plunger-style measuring cup? Here are some great recipes where you'll find it comes in handy.

Recipes for using a plunger measuring cup:

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