Wednesday Replay: 8 Blueberry Recipes for Summer

It's starting to look like Blueberry Week around here since I posted a blueberry cobbler recipe on Monday. (I promise my next post involves CHOCOLATE.) That cobbler got me thinking about my other favorite blueberry recipes from the blog. Make 'em all summer long!

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8 Blueberry Recipes for Summer

8 Blueberry Recipes for Summer

From 2012, Blueberry Bundt Cake

blueberry bundt cake

Probably the most popular of the blueberry recipes on the blog. The cake is light and fresh - perfect for brunch! 

From 2013, Blueberry Cheesecake Pie

One of Mr. E's favorites...I don't make it often enough. I think this might make an appearance on Father's Day! Honestly, I feel like I'm selling it short saying it's one of Mr.E's favorites; it's one of my favorites, too! That cheesecake layer with the blueberries and a cookie crust?!? Ooh-la-la

From 2015, Peachy Blueberry Muffins

peachy blueberry muffins

Ah, the muffins of summer. What I love about this recipe, other than the peaches and blueberries, is the coconut sugar. It gives the muffins a delicious, deep, toasty flavor. Try these - you'll love them! 

From 2015, Whole Wheat Blueberry Pancakes with Cinnamon Greek Yogurt Drizzle

whole wheat blueberry pancakes

Golden, fluffy, sweet, crunchy, tangy...oooh, these are worth a few extra minutes of pancake prep. The recipe calls for KIND grain clusters, but feel free to use your favorite granola.

From 2019, Blueberry Ricotta-Goat Cheese Crostini

The Pioneer Woman's Goat Cheese Crostini

I chose this recipe to feature from The Pioneer Woman's cookbook, The New Frontier. It's a Ree recipe, y'all. You know it's good. 

From 2018, Red, White, and Blueberry Ice Cream Cake

Red, white, and blueberry ice cream cake

Nothing screams summer in the USA like red, white, and blue. This easy peasy ice cream cake can (and must be!) made ahead, so it's perfect for a summer party! 

From 2020, Blueberry and Salted Pecan Breakfast Grain Bowl

blueberry pecan grain bowl

This is my go-to breakfast...and even lunch. I always have these ingredients on hand, and I feel so good after eating it! If you've never tried a breakfast grain bowl, give this a shot! 

From 2021, Blueberry Cobbler

blueberry cobbler

So, I can't leave out the recipe from earlier this week - blueberry cobbler! The vanilla flavors here really set this recipe apart! Don't forget the ice cream! 

Do you have a favorite blueberry recipe? 

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