How to Decorate Simple Cupcake Cookies

how to decorate simple cupcake cookies

Cupcake decorated cookies. These babies are so cute on their own, simple to make, and can be worked into almost any cookie theme set. Just switch out the colors, and voila! Endlessly customizable. I love this simple design. There's something extra sweet about a cupcake-shaped cookie!

While today's tutorial focuses on using a cupcake cookie cutter quite literally, this cookie cutter shape can be a workhorse in your arsenal. 

Other than cupcake cookies, what else can I use a cupcake cookie cutter for? 

how to use a cupcake cookie cutter for other shapes

I'm so glad you asked! How about...

how to decorate simple cupcake cookies

Of course, cupcake cookies are darling when they are just that. Cupcakes. Over the years. I've made cupcake cookies-on-a-stick, Halloween cupcake cookies, cupcake cookies with candles, Hostess Cupcake cookies (although they're round, so I'm not sure if they count!), lots and lots of cupcake cookies! 

Let's Decorate Simple Cupcake Cookies!

This is a great cookie for decorating with the kids! For the cupcake cookies, you will need:

How to Decorate Simple Cupcake Cookies

Using a #3 tip, outline the cookie in brown. (I like a larger tip here, so the outline stands out.)  Reserve some of this piping consistency for later.

Thin the brown and pink icings with water, a little at a time, until it is the consistency of thick syrup. A ribbon of icing dropped back into the bowl should disappear in a count of one-thousand-one, one-thousand-two or three. Cover with a damp dishtowel and let sit for several minutes.

Stir gently with a rubber spatula to pop any large air bubbles that have formed. Transfer to squeeze bottles.

How to Decorate Simple Cupcake Cookies

Fill in the bottoms of the cupcakes in brown.  Use a toothpick to guide to edges or pop and large air bubbles.

Flood the tops of the cupcakes with the pink icing, working about 6 at a time. 
[NOTE: this "soft pink" food coloring really does give just a soft blush of pink color. The pink looks darker when wet - that's usually not the case with icing.]

Leave the bottoms solid, or come back over the wet icing with a squiggle of pink icing going across. 

How to Decorate Simple Cupcake Cookies

After flooding, sprinkle chocolate jimmies on the tops....don't worry; the icing won't dry before you get back to it. Add a bit of piping consistency royal icing to the top of the cookie to attach the sixlet.  (If you don't have sixlets, just add a dot of red icing.)

Switch the tip on the brown icing to a #1 or #2 and pipe lines on the "wrappers" that don't have the pink squiggle. Let dry uncovered 6-8 hours, or overnight.

How to Decorate Simple Cupcake Cookies

That's it!  Easy as pie, er, cupcake!
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