How to Make First Communion and Confirmation Decorated Cookies

'Tis the season! First Communion and Confirmation season! 

To start, you'll need an excellent cut-out cookie recipe. My go-to is my Perfect Every Time Cut-Out Cookie recipe. The cookies are thick and sturdy but still straddle the line between soft and chewy. They're never dry...and always delicious! 

Rose-themed pink first communion cookies to make at home

Over the years, I've also developed some flavor variations of my favorite cut-out cookies. Everything from chocolate hazelnut to watermelon (!!!) to vanilla bean and so many more! 

You'll also need royal icing. My post on Royal Icing has the step-by-step recipe plus a slew of helpful questions and answers. 

Now that you have those, let's take a look at my favorite First Communion and Confirmation cookie decorating tutorials...

Chalice and Host First Communion Cookies

chalice and hot decorated cookies by Bake at 350

The First Communion cookies that started it all. Well, that started my love for making First Communion cookies. There's also one of my favorite photos of Jack in this post

Light Blue Communion Cookie Set

First Communion Cookies, light blue color scheme with rosary and chalice cookies

I am a little gaga over the rosary cookie in this set. Making several different cookies for a set is so much easier when you stick to the same color palette. 

Pink First Communion Cookie Set

pink first communion decorated cookies - rosary with rose detail and pink lace heart cookie

pink first communion decorated cookies

If there's a blue set, there must be a pink one, too! I added some piped roses throughout and a lacey pink heart cookie to the mix. Again, the decorated rosary cookies are a favorite, but the host and chalice cookie is always the star. 

Felt Banner-Inspired First Communion Cookies

Felt Banner-Inspired First Communion Cookies

If there aren't felt banners, can a First Communion take place? I'm not sure. These cookies were inspired by my oldest nephew's Communion felt banner. I hope this tradition lives on! Oh, and these cookies are also double-decker cookies

Green and Gold First Communion Cookies

green and gold first communion cookies for leo

OK, guys and gals. I never posted a tutorial for this cookie set, but follow any of the other tutorials for how-tos. For the marbled cross, make them just like these marbled star cookies

Confirmation Dove Cookies

Confirmation Dove Decorated Cookies -personalized

Confirmation Dove Decorated Cookies

One of the most loved Confirmation symbols: the dove. They are simple cookies, but the personalization makes them super special. Who doesn't want to see their name on a cookie? The fact that they're simple means you can churn out a bunch for an entire Confirmation class in no time. (Alright...several hours, but it'll feel like no time.)

If you make them, be sure to tag me on Instagram @bridget350! I'd love to see them!

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