18 Desserts to Bring to a 4th of July Party!

Need help deciding what to bring to the neighbor's 4th of July party? Friend, I have some ideas for you! 

From an easy, peasy sheet cake to decorated cookies that are a little more time-consuming but will rival the fireworks for attention and everything in between...I have the recipes you need! 

collage of 18 Desserts to Bring to a 4th of July Party!

18 Desserts to Bring to a 4th of July Party!

Bomb Pop Cookies

bomb pop cookies for the 4th of July

This cookie set has a little bit of a Texas theme, but you could easily leave that shape out of your set...if you must. C'mon, though, Texas is pretty cute! That black outline on a decorated cookie does it for me. It makes my heart happy. These 4th of July decorated bomb pop cookies are super simple to make; you can't mess them up! 

Cherry Sheet Cake

cherry sheet cake cut into wedges

An easy-to-make cake with a vintage charm. Cherry sheet cake is festive because the cherries look like polka dots! 

Whimsical Fireworks Cookies

whimsical 4th of July fireworks cookies

These whimsical fireworks cookies are the only kinds of fireworks I want near my house on the 4th. Yes, I love a grand community fireworks display, but in my neighborhood? I'll stick to cookies. The black outline on these cookies adds a great touch of whimsy and makes the red, white, and blue POP! (So to speak.)

American Flag Cherry & Blueberry Cookie Bars

American flag cookie bars; 4th of July dessert

No 4th of July dessert round-up is complete without an American flag dessert of some sort. Instead of pie or fruit pizza, try these patriotic cookie bars instead. They're a hit! 

 Raspberry Champagne Sorbet

raspberry champagne sorbet, an elevated 4th of July dessert

If your Independence Day soiree trends towards fancy, make this Raspberry Champagne SorbetOoh-la-la! Delicious and refreshing...it's just the dessert to beat the heat on the 4th! 

M&Ms Inside-Patriotic Star Cookies

m&ms inside decorated 4th of July cookies
m&m's filled 4th of july cookies

Just imagine the delight on the kiddos' faces as they break open these cookies to discover...mini M&Ms!!! They really are fun to eat...and surprisingly easy to make! 

Blueberry Cheesecake Pie

blueberry cheesecake pie, slice

This is one of Mark's favorite recipes. You know when you order a cheesecake with a fruit topping, and there's never enough topping for every bite? Well, this topping has your cheesecake covered. Literally. 

Jackson Pollock-inspired 4th of July splatter cookies

If you like your cookie decorating with a side of fun, make these patriotic splatter paint star cookies. A blast to make with kids and for beginner decorators because you CANNOT mess them up! The chocolate almond cut-out cookies are dipped in chocolate, then decorated with a Jackson Pollock-inspired splatter. 

4th of July Ice Cream Sundaes

4th of July ice cream sundaes served in wine glasses

Ice cream is a must due to the heat we've all been experiencing. Homemade strawberry ice cream, served in a wine goblet, drizzled with fruit sauce, and topped with a star cookie is the perfect end to a day of patriotic festivities. You don't even have to decorate the cookie! 

red, white, and blue star cookie towers

Want to make a statement at your 4th of July shindig? Make it with these star cookie towers. They're easier than making a gingerbread house! 

Forget tinting icing. Tint your cookie dough instead! Layers of colored dough are stacked to make these red, white, and blue striped cookies. Leave plain or decorate with just some royal icing and sparkling sugar. 

blueberry cobbler in cast iron skillet with scoops vanilla ice cream

What sets this blueberry cobbler recipe apart is - VANILLA. Vanilla and blueberries are a beautiful pairing. Here, I add vanilla extract to the fruit layer and vanilla bean paste to the cream biscuit dough. Topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, it's a vanilla trifecta! 

4th of July dipped strawberries

This is the 4th of July treat to make when you're short on time! Red, White, and Blue Strawberries! Candy melts and sprinkles are all you need for this festive, fruity dessert! 

marbled + gold-flecked star cookies

Continuing with the theme of star cookies, consider making these fun marbled cookies for your 4th of July festivities! Add red to the marbling icing or not. Either way, these marbled and gold-flecked star cookies are super satisfying to create! (And eat!) 

red, white, and blue(berry) ice cream cake
If you're looking for a festive 4th of July dessert that doesn't involve food coloring or strawberries and blueberries arranged in a flag pattern (not that there's anything wrong with those!), I have just the thing for you. A red, white, and blue(berry) ice cream cake. Mr. E loves this one! 

patriotic star cake cookies for the 4th of July

patriotic star cake cookies for the 4th of July

These patriotic star cake cookies are some of my favorites. Note the black outline... do you see a trend? This girl loves a black-outlined cookie. There are so many ways to tweak this design for the 4th. 

roasted cherry cheesecake ice cream in large freezer container

Roasted cherries? Life-changing? The other "secret" ingredient in this ice cream recipe? Also, life-changing. Sorry to be dramatic, but it's true. 

Ever since seeing Hamilton, when the 4th of July rolls around every year, "You'll Be Back" starts playing on a loop in my brain. So, if you're feeling a little salty this 4th of July, make King George proud and bake this...

rectangular bakewell tart, cut into slices

A cheeky dessert that'll be an unexpected 4th of July party treat! ;) 

Please let me know what you're making this 4th of July...or maybe you're just heading for a Blizzard at Dairy Queen? You might see us there! 

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