What to Bake this September

What does September mean to you? For me, even though it's still HOT, everything starts to feel cozier. Including baking. 

what to bake in September: Honeycrisp apple pizza

Gimme the cinnamon, the apples, the chocolate, the nuts...and let me dream about all things pumpkin. 

If you live someplace hot like me, crank the air down to 68, pull on a (thin) sweater, and break out the cinnamon. You deserve some September vibes. 

september baking: german chocolate cut-out cookies, stacked

What to Bake this September

Baking with Cinnamon in September:

Cinnamon is where it all starts. Cozy baking calls for cinnamon. It gives baked goods that "there's-something-special-in-here" taste and makes your house smell fantastic.

baking with cinnamon collage

Baking with Apples in September:

Apples and September baking go hand-in-hand. If your recipe doesn't specify which type of apple to use, my apples for baking guide might help.

baking with apples collage

Baking with Nuts in September:

Hazelnuts, pecans, walnuts...all nuts lend themselves to cozy early fall baking.

baking with nuts collage

Baking with Chocolate in September:

Of course, there is never a wrong season for baking with chocolate, but add a little spice or nutty flavor, and you're ramping up the cozy baking factor!

fall baking with chocolate

collage: what to bake september 2023 recipes

Happy September Baking! 

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