Diet Killers...

I know, I really hate to do this to you the first weekend of June...the beginning of bikini tankini skirtini (in my case) season.
It has to be done, though. If you're hosting a brunch or a shower, you really need this recipe...and yes, it will kill your diet. Resisting is futile.

What are they? Cream Cheese Triangles. Very glamorous name. (Recipe at the end of this post.)

My mom used to make these and the recipe is written out in her handwriting with a boy's name out to the side. Why? Because my high school homecoming date loved these.
{Here we are....pre-cream cheese triangles! Yes, it was the 80's!}

Homecoming was a big deal with after parties, trips to the beach, etc. But, I'll be honest, I was a nerd. I wasn't interested in after parties (and most likely wasn't invited anyway). So, my mom made "breakfast" for my friend Natalie & I and our dates.

These were the hit with my date. I'm so glad she made that little note on the recipe card. I'm sure I would have forgotten it by now. My date was a really sweet guy....we went to church and school together. {He took me to my first opera....I still remember what I wore....a pale pink knit sweater and long skirt ensemble, pale pink pantyhose, pale pink flats (he was shorter than me) and a pale pink grosgrain bow in my hair. Yes, I was a fashion plate!} all comes back just seeing the recipe.

It's easy, it's a make-ahead and it's one for which I always get asked the recipe. I think you'll like it. :)

Cream Cheese Triangles

2 pkg. Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
2 (8 oz) pkg. cream cheese, softened
2 tsp. vanilla (I used vanilla bean paste to jazz it up a bit) :)
2 egg yolks
8 TBSP sugar

Preheat oven to 350.

Place one pkg of rolls on a cookie sheet lined with parchment. Push seams together.

Beat other ingredients until smooth. Spread on top of crescent rolls on sheet. (An off-set spreader works great for this.)
CCT filling
CCT filling on sheet
Place second pkg of rolls on top. Pinch together to seal sides. Bake for 25 - 30 minutes.
CCT baked
Let cool, then cut into triangles (I use a pizza cutter). Wrap in foil and chill in the refrigerator. Serve cold. DO NOT test before your guests arrive...there may not be any left! :)

CCT breakfast

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  1. OMG...that dress is great!

    Thanks for the recipe. It sounds delish!

  2. I don't know what's better the dress or the recipe!!

    I think it's actually the matching bow in your hair.

    Oh my gosh, I love this picture!!

  3. Mmm... these sound good! I have to try the recipe... thanks for sharing the recipe and the memories... you look pretty and happy in that picture :)

  4. I dont know how I found you but I did, and boy do this look divine! YUM

  5. Oh're killing me. ;-)

  6. YUM! I have a shower coming up and I will be serving these.

  7. I can't wait to try these!

    My 17 year old is always accusing me of beng too "matching". Your described opera outfit reminds me of why. We teenagers of the 80's matched everything! Ah....good times. Good times.

  8. Love that picture of you guys!!!!
    Voted for you in the tastiest blog! Congrats!~

  9. I've made something very similar but in an 9x13 with cinnamon sugar sprinkled on it. Very good. Adding the vanilla bean paste I'm sure kicks it way up!

  10. That dress is awesome for an 80's prom dress!

    And though you might call it "skirtini" season I call it "hide in the shade with a very large towel" season...which also means I can eat these without guilt!

  11. These look absolutely delicious! I love your comment about skirtini season.

  12. That dress is great! I can't wait to try these!

  13. My "most famous" recipe is very similar to that, but with a cinammon/sugar/butter mixture on top... and I always serve it WARM! It's SO delicious! Now I'm curious to try yours cold.

  14. Ah, yes. I remember the 80's. I graduated in 81, though, so I just barely made it.

    And I don't know who invented cream cheese, but they deserve some sort of award. Those look delicious.

  15. Ditto the comments about having a similar recipe. The recipe my mom used was exactly the same except for the additional step of beating the egg whites and paint the top of the crescent roll sheet. Sprinkle the sugar and cinnamon mixture as well as some chopped nuts (walnuts or pecans). We always had those bars around Christmas. Delicious!

  16. They look yummy, but do you serve them chilled?

  17. love the picture :) I remember going to the mall and watching you pick out some dress for some big occasion! Maybe this was it haha!

  18. Di...yes, serve them cold. :)

  19. Hey bridget!
    I am definately going to try this..thanks for sharing. I remember the 80's hair looked just like yours!! Laurie

  20. He's so cute!!
    I love the bow in your hair.
    I'll have to try to dig up my prom pictures. How fun.
    I'm eating waaay too many cupcakes to even THINK about making those cream cheese thingys.
    But they look yummy anyway.

  21. These look so great! I love recipes like this...easy and yummy!
    Also, love your dress ;)

  22. I made these last night, and they are fantastic!! Yum! Have you ever tried them with a little fruit in the filling? I'm thinking some kind of strawberry or cherry mixed in would be wonderful.

  23. Wahoo ... I'm all for rockin' the skirtini!!! I love that you shared the homecoming photo - what fun. Seriously, I'm printing this recipe right now before I forget ... it is drool worthy!

  24. Jeni...I think that's a great idea!

  25. I just want you to know that my hair was bigger than yours (quite a bit bigger) in my prom picture. Just gorgeous. Gotta love the 80's.

  26. where to do you get vanilla bean paste at? I can't seem to find it around here. help?

  27. Tara, Tommie and Howie...I had some here, but I'm sold out. Check all of the kitchen stores, Williams Sonoma, Sur La Table, King Arthur...

  28. Oooh, I tried the cream cheese triangles today, simply put...HEAVENLY LOL I'm going to try your cookie recipe next! Thank you so much!

  29. i just made these and oh. my. goodness. SO delish! :)

  30. Do you cut these into triangles by using the perforated lines or into smaller triangles? How many do you get from one recipe?

    I definitely want to try something this yummy sounding!ph

  31. Lady Dorothy...

    I just kind of cut them free form. I've never counted...I don't want to know how many I've eaten...but my guess is more than 2 dozen. Enjoy! :)

  32. Thank you, Bridget! I can't wait to make them!

  33. I've been making this recipe for years. We call it Cream Cheese Bread. It's always a winner.

  34. I looked up the calories and such, if you do it as 8 servings they're 721 calories... So Diet Killers are an apt name

  35. I made these for camping last weekend. They were not quite as good as I'd hoped, but I did get some positive comments from others about them.

  36. Having grown up in the 80's I LOVE this post. The dress is perfect and it brings me back. Great memories.

    Thanks for the looks wonderful!


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