Way Back Wednesday: November 6, 2019

Ooooh...are there some goodies in the archives from this week, including three of my all-time favorite recipes!!! Let's dig in! (Click the post title to go to the recipes/tutorials.)

From just last year, Abracadabra Coconut Chocolate Mousse
Abracadabra Coconut Chocolate Mousse ...an almost dairy-free, luscious, fluffy, airy, rich chocolate mousse made with a surprising ingredient!
This mousse is everything you want it to be but WITHOUT THE DAIRY!!! (And for me that means, without the tummy ache.) Insanely good; you won't believe it when you see the secret ingredient.

From 2010, Caramel Apple Salad
caramel apple salad : bakeat350.net
It might be time to update the photos for this recipe, but this is always such a HUGE hit around this time of year. Make it! Make it!

From 2009, Caramel Brownies
caramel brownies : bakeat350.net
I think this is my all-time favorite dessert in the history of ever. My mom made this, my aunt makes this, my sister makes this, I make this. It's a keeper. NOTE: this recipe was developed when packaged cake mixes were 18.25 ounces. Make note and adjust as needed. (I smell a new blog post idea...and again, time to re-do these photos!)

From 2016, Pumpkin Cookies with Succulents and Roses
how to make decorated pumpkin cookies with royal icing succulents and roses | bakeat350.net
Ah, these are so pretty...and you really can't mess up on making those succulents. Just go for it!

Whatcha making this week?

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