Wednesday Replay: 11 Floral Cookies for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just around the corner! This look into the archives features floral-themed cookies that Mom or mother-figure in your life will love. Heck, make them for yourself! Click the links to go to the tutorials.

For those of you who have a hard time with this holiday, I see you. Even 20 years later, the loss of my mom puts a damper on this day. Oh, how I'd love to go out for brunch and pedicures. Sending you all love. And cookies. 

11 floral cookies to make for Mother's Day

Eleven Floral Cookies for Mother's Day

From 2015, Happy Happy Happy Cookies

happy floral cookie set

This is still one of my favorite sets. Just as described - happy.

From 2013, Brush Embroidery Cookies

brush embroidery decorated cookies

This decorating technique is so fun and pretty. Make an entire platter or add these to a cookie set. 

From 2012, Sunflower Cookies

sunflower decorated cookies

Super easy. Super cute. Oh, and the middles are filled with chocolate sprinkles. Yes, please!

From 2013, Yellow Rose Buttercream Decorated Cookies

yellow rose buttercream cookies

Yellow roses were my mom's favorite flower. I think she really would have loved these cookies. These are SO delish! 

From 2014, Gold Stenciled Floral Thank You Cookies

stenciled floral thank you cookies

Who deserves a "thank you" more than Mom? Hint: no one. No airbrush is required to make these stenciled cookies.

From 2013, Rose Lattice Cookies

rose lattice cookies

Made to celebrate the birth of my niece, Rosie, these cookies use an unusual tool for making the roses. All these years later, and I still can't decide what color cookie I like the most. 

From 2015, Airbrushed Floral Cookies

airbrushed floral decorated cookies

Now, these DO use an airbrush, and this post walks through the basics of using one. I love the muted, soft colors in this palette...and they'd be pretty without the stenciled bit as well. 

From 2013, Bluebonnet Cookies

texas cookie set

bluebonnet cookies

Have a Texas mom? A mom who is missing Texas? These cookies are sure to be a hit. Who needs bluebonnet photos when you can have bluebonnet COOKIES?!?

From 2021, Double-Decker Whimsical Rose Cookies

double-decker rose cookies

You know I love a double-decker cookie. Change up the colors to your mom's favorite. 

From 2019, Color-Inspired Bouquet Cookies 

color-inspired floral bouquet cookies

Ah, this cookie color palette speaks to me. Read the post, and you'll learn what inspired these cookies! 

From 2012, Frosted Pink Rose Cookies

"frosted" pink open rose cookies

This "open" rose is whimsical and can be changed up to fit any color scheme. Adding the sanding sugar is up to you. It does make them look a bit like roses dusted with a late spring frost. 

I have one more floral-ish cookie tutorial I'm hoping to get on the blog before Mother's Day. Fingers crossed! 

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